Heading Outdoors–A May Recap

Sorry I didn’t answer the phone, I was weeding, and planting, and potting, and exploring.

Looking back at last month, it looks like we must be starved for sunshine and spending time in the great outdoors. You know all those outside chores you let slide over the winter? Well, it’s springtime; time to catch up.

I toured a local landmark, planted tomatoes, spiffed up the flower beds, and the MR put in a new gate to the vegetable garden.

May Collage 2

Then we added new cushions to the deck chairs and potted up an herb garden (check out A Pop of Color) and repotted a palm tree and some flowers in Musical Pots. And yes I did finish the other cushion–just in case you’re wondering.


Then, the MR added a hose tap to the garden last weekend, and I took the easy job and shared photos of Spring in the Meadow.

Foxgloves and House Zoom

We did venture inside for a minute or two with Bling Baby Revisited. I’m happy to say that the revamped jewelry box is giving me just the right amount of storage to keep my things neat and tidy.

Tidied Up 2We haven’t totally forgotten about the indoors. We still have filling in the sunken area around the fireplace, carpeting the great room, furniture shopping, and giving the entry a major boost all on the agenda. I picked out some sample paints to finish the upstairs bathroom remodel. The paint was too white and bland for some and too pink (it’s really peach to give your skin that nice healthy glow) for others, so that project stalled.

Instead of house stuff, I visited Oregon not once but twice this month. We celebrated weddings, and Mother’s Day, prom, and surprise visits in the middle of the night.

Family Collage

Getting this house together is not a sprint but a marathon, and I’m ready to laugh and love along the way.

The Four of Us Collage


We are looking forward to June with graduations, visitors, Sweet Miss moving home, the end of school for Baby Girl, and jury duty. Maybe we’ll fit in some renovations and carpet, too.

How was your May? What’s the summer looking like for you?






2 thoughts on “Heading Outdoors–A May Recap

  1. Oh wow, it would be fun to be there during or after the renovations in the living room. I am really excited about that too. Never ending excitement in the big while house on the hill, that is for sure.

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