Painting the Town (I Mean the Roof)

Baby Girl and I ditched school on Friday and headed down to Oregon for a quick visit with Sweet Miss. Now I know you’re aghast, since I let my kid skip school to visit her sister.

Me & BG

Well, it wasn’t all fun and games. You see Baby Girl wants to study architecture at the University of Oregon. You mean both girls will be at the same school? No, this is the rival of Oregon State where Sweet Miss is studying.

So we spent one night with Sweet Miss and her crew in Corvallis, and then early the next morning we were off to tour U of O in Eugene, another hour south down the freeway.


U of O is now firmly at the top of her list. Then it was back to Corvallis for dinner with Sweet Miss followed by the long drive home–yes, you can make it in four and a half hours without traffic.

And what was the MR doing when we were trying to see how many of Sweet Miss’ friends we could fit in the back seat of my car? While we were painting the town, he was painting the roof. (See my title does make sense in a weird sort of way.)

Our roof is insanely large. Nobody in their right mind would want to replace it. So the MR is painting it to extend its life. Apparently, this is routine maintenance for a torch down roof. You simply paint it a light color so it doesn’t absorb as much heat.

Torch down roofs have a life expectancy of 15-20 years with proper maintenance. Our house has been here for 21 years, and we have no idea how it was maintained before we moved. It had been sorely neglected for a while. So a new roof may be in the future, but the MR is doing his best to keep this one in good condition.

When we had the solar panels installed last summer, they added a rail system around them, so painting that area was a priority. The MR put on two coats since this was new roofing.

Solar Panels with Paint

Just look how white it is compared to the other part of the roof.

Solar Panels Painted

The MR thought he was buying the same coating as the rest of the roof, but obviously it’s different. When he went back to the hardware store for more paint, he found the silver coating and switched to that for the rest . The contrast between what’s been painted and what hasn’t is not as stark with the silver coating.

Half and Half

The left side looks so much smoother with all the cracks filled in and more reflective.

If you are going to paint a torch down roof, here’s a word to the wise. The fibered-aluminum roof coating is too thick to stir by hand. Make sure you have a drill available. And the roller gets really heavy when loaded down with the metallic coating.

Remember Terminator 2 when Arnold comes back and gets his butt kicked by the new version of the terminators-the ones that can change shape and melt into a pool of shimmering metal? Well, that’s what this stuff looks like; not the terminator part, just the shimmering metal part.

Molten Metal

It does make me a little nervous to have the MR up on the roof when no one is around. It’s a long ways up or down, depending on how you look at it.

ladder and flowers 016

He rolled 20 gallons on over the weekend and probably has another 25 to go. The portico roof will be white while the rest is silver, but I don’t think the eagles will mind. Thankfully, you don’t notice it from the ground.

How’s your roof? Painting anything fun?




8 thoughts on “Painting the Town (I Mean the Roof)

  1. Will his picture come up on google  ?  I painted a parking lot with tar paint one time (Shell Oil Harbor Island). replaced roll tarpaper on home in Monterey Park. Give him a few days and he will get used to it. (HAR ! HAR ! HAR ! ) I will keep checking on Google

  2. As Papa was hanging Mylar Reflective sheeting on the outside of the glass block window in the bathroom and the 2 windows at the west end of our home, and prior to that having fixed the latch on the screen door to the patio, and changed the weather stripping on the front doors, I commented about being glad the his Dad “Grandpa Ralph” and he had taught the the kids to not be afraid to tackle repairs around the house. While working with vehicles is not their forte’, cleaning and fixing and updating house and garden is where they are experts. No job ever seems to be to large for any of them to tackle. And your MRs sister is not to be excluded either she is always climbing around on ladders and the house is always changing and she too married a man who views life the same way, I can do it, I will do it, and if I don’t know how to do it, I will read all about it and get it done. There have been so many changed (all done by them) on their home, inside and out, that it caused the neighbor (who has been watching all the activity for a few years) to ask, “why didn’t you just buy a better house?” Ha! where is the challenge in that?

    • I asked for a plumber recommendation recently, and a friend answered back with a name. His company had worked around the shower and replaced a toilet for her. My first thought was why didn’t your husband do that? I’m truly spoiled by all the jobs the MR takes on, and it all comes from being raised with a can-do kind of attitude. So thanks,

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