First Impressions

When people drive up to our home, I want it to be warm and welcoming.

Me and my design team, we were watering plants and looking at the front door with a critical eye.

Front Door Before

OK, maybe they just like to sit there with their tongues hanging out, but I know in their hearts they agree with me. We are missing the boat; this front porch area could look amazing.

For the last month, I’ve been in a quandary. How do I make it say, “Wow, we’re so glad you came; come on in”? The cement steps are a little paint spattered and far from warm, an undersized outdoor chair doesn’t say sit down and stay awhile, and that doormat is way too small.

My first thought was an outside rug runner to add some color and life to the doorstep. But then, I started thinking…always a problem.

My assistants are good company but horrible decorators. They are wild beasts who bring me all kinds of weird things, and they love dirt. Just look at Cocoa’s mud-loving smile.

Crazy Muddy Dog

The dogs have taken to exploring this spring, and they come home looking like this. Leaving dog body prints all over the newly power-washed deck.

Cocoa and her body print

If I bought a colorful runner for the front porch, would it soon be black with mud? And if I bought an outdoor rug that all the reviewers wash down with a hose, would it look cheap rather than fun and welcoming? Would it be better just to buy two doormats to better fill the space?

I’ve been at a bit of a standstill for a few weeks now–shopping outdoor runners online and then holding back. Sometimes I can’t make a decision to save my life.

I haven’t let the porch totally languish. I decided a few pots and some bright blooms would add color and warmth. The pots were a screaming deal from Ikea, so I splurged at the local hardware store and bought a bunch of brightly colored shade plants to fill them.

Large pot with chair

With fuschias, azaleas, begonias, lobelia, and coleus, these pots are brimming with color.

two pots

I can’t wait till the lobelia is trailing down the sides of the pots. Now when I take a step back, it’s still lacking a little somethin’-somethin’.

Porch Pots from Afar

Don’t worry I still have my crack design team working on the solution.

Cocoa Snoozing

Maybe they’ll promise never to come in the front door again, to always wipe their paws, and to never dig holes in the flowerbeds on hot days so they can lay in the cool dirt. A girl can dream can’t she?

What do you think? Should I buy a runner? Add a slip cover or pillow to the chair? Paint the cement steps? Add more pots? Add some knick-knacks for color?

How does your front porch say welcome?





8 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Looks good to me,  but if you insist shutters on the windows, a wood flair design over the windows and the door, a short metal hand ralt on the right side to hang a basket with a climbing plant … see what you can get into for thinking. as I said it looks good just like it is. Fred

  2. I do not think a runner would make you happy, and would always need cleaning, and do you really need more laundry? I like the plants you have started with very much…… just need more of them to spill down to the 2nd steps, and all different sizes and colors of pots grouped together on both sides. Right now the pots are all white, on a white wall, and all the same sizes.Paint the chair a bright color (look how fantastic your new table for wine and cheese looks, and move it closer to the door to make it look like it belongs and is useful., not just an afterthought. The windows are beautiful as is, I just feel that with the size of you home, BIGGER is always better, and if you look at the beautiful meadow out back, it is beautiful because it is not a level horizon but is beautiful because of the ups and downs of the trees, grass, hills. Invite your garden club over for their advice………or we will see you next week!!! Can’t wait.

    • Lots of great ideas. I think we need more pots, too. I really liked some bright green ones I saw at Fred Meyer yesterday just not the $60 price tag. I hadn’t thought of painting the chair. That could look really nice. So many options.

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