Daffodil Detail

Remember our beautiful daffodils against the side of the deck?


They were a sweet surprise that first year when we moved in. While daffodils are lovely and long-lasting, you have to pay a price. They leave behind quite the mess–a fact I conveniently forgot.

But a few weeks ago, as I pulled into the garage, I looked to the right and saw a lily all budded out.  That got me to thinking about the red lilies I’d planted last spring after Cocoa dragged them all over the driveway. They’d survived Coco and thrived all last summer, and I was wondering how they’d fared over the winter.

They were coming up all right, but it was hard to tell with all that daffodil mess in the way.

daffodil mess

Now I don’t mind if plants want to spill over the driveway and soften the edge, but they have to do it gracefully and beautifully like my lovely chives and sage.

chives and sage

So armed with scissors and string, I made myself comfortable on the driveway and started making bundles. An hour later, It was all neat and tidy.

daffodils tied up




And my lovely lilies now had a fighting chance against the slugs. You may be wondering why I didn’t just cut off the foliage; I probably could have, but I want large, healthy bulbs full of goodness for next year’s daffodils, so I let the leaves stick around storing energy on my terms.

So was it worth it? A week’s gone by. I’ll let you be the judge.

lilies 002

For a show like this week after week, I’ll gladly sit in the dirt, make daffodil bundles, and kill slugs.

Lilies up close and personal


Now, I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping a few of the dahlias and delphiniums from last year survived. I haven’t seen any sign of them so far, and the sweet little octogenarian at  Bible study who grows fields of dahlias says it’s time to buy a few plants. She’s probably right, but I hate to give up hope.

In other news, last week I met with a plumber, a contractor, an electrician, and a heating guy. Maybe something exciting is going on.

What’s blooming in your yard? I’d love to see a photo. Any tedious yard work calling you?








5 thoughts on “Daffodil Detail

  1. Oh my, it was just like reading a mystery! So glad it had a great ending. Thank you for informing us why you do not cut off the greens, but let them dry on their own……putting nutrients back into the bulb/roots. Wonder about those firecracker plants we gave you, and your planted on the hillside? Any sign of them yet? Nope, we are leaving our yard in the desert to ‘do its own thing’. See you this week!!

  2. What a great color! Mine are finally blooming this week. We are having a late spring blooming season. Summer will be here soon for pity’s sake! They are an orange color. I will work on posting a pic on FB.

    I need to do some weed pulling in my flower garden in front of the house. I was surprised to see how much is springing through this last few days. Not my favorite thing to do, but it will be worth it.

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