Gotta Love a Man with Flowers

Back in the dark ages when me and the MR first started dating, I remember walking out after an evening sales meeting and finding my guy leaning against my car with a single rose. That man could always make me smile.

Fast forward a few years, and things haven’t changed that much. The MR pulled up out front last week and the back of his pickup was full of flowers, and grass, and plants.


OK, so technically they were for the planting beds around the front door.

Front Door Planters

And he bought more for the front flowerbed.

Flowerbed 1

He still makes me smile.

Pink Grass

I do love a man with flowers.

Potato Vine

Are you adding summer color to your flowerbeds?



2 thoughts on “Gotta Love a Man with Flowers

  1. As you are reading today’s blog, we are here enjoying the flowers. So proud we helped raise her MR, our son. MeeMee and Papa

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