A Bell Ringer

Sometimes you have problems you never dreamed of.

Who puts an apartment size stove into a giant, family home so if you want to replace it you have to replace the cabinet too? (Check it out here.) Who designs a built-in bed in this day and age so you have to have a king-size bed whether you like it or not? (We’ve dealt with that too.)

Those are old problems that were fairly easily (note I didn’t say cheaply) solved, but lately we’ve been dealing with another issue. Not really a problem; just decisions we’ve never even thought of.

We were given a beautiful bell–thanks MeeMee and Papa Larry.



The problem is where to put it? How to hang it? What would be the best way?

It’s a very cool piece, and someone mentioned hanging it on a chain from the rafters out on the deck. That would look lovely, and we could ring it each night to call the dogs in, but…

What happens when the wind comes up? Instead of a beautiful bell, it turns into a weapon. If the barbecue can get loose and bang up the railings, I don’t want to imaging what a bell this size could do. The painters already broke one window; I don’t want to deal with that again.

Next our thoughts turned to a stand of some kind. The MR asked me what I thought of copper pipe. That sounds good, but I think we both like to have a specific idea to aim for. So of course, I turned to Pinterest. They’ll have ideas on how to hang the coolest yard art ever.

I Make Bells has some amazing bells and stands. This cedar one looks doable; I have faith in the MR.

This stand goes along with the copper pipe idea the MR was talking about. I’d be totally happy with this.

I think this tripod is lovely in its simplicity. It’s supposed to be found on Etsy, but I couldn’t find it in my search.

Wind Chimes Garden Bell Gong GIANT HUGE Patina Rust by ComeOnIn, $400.00

If you’re looking for a gong or stand check out Gong with the wind. Even if you’re not looking for one, you should check it out just for the great name.

Fine Garden Art out of New Hampshire has some beautiful and fanciful stands; It’s a Gonger was my favorite, if only they weren’t thousands of miles away.

Here’s another fabulous Etsy find.

Attractive garden gong that produces a wonderful by Backwardview, $475.00

Unfortunately, the link is broken, and while I love him, I think this is a touch beyond the MR’s capabilities.

Here’s simple concept that looks stunning. I found this at Mod Nest–a blog that I’m so glad I stumbled across. It has beautiful pictures that capture some great ideas.

I have no idea what we’ll end up with, but until then it’s not a bad problem to have. Cocoa just likes staring at it and dreaming a little. Then again, I like a nap and a daydream, too.

Bell & Cocoa

Do you have a favorite hanger design? What’s decorating your garden?








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