Showing Some Bookcase Love

A few weeks ago, I revealed my big attempt at stenciling. It wasn’t good, and it wasn’t pretty. I had a little pity party, picked myself up off the floor, and checked out the directions.

Maybe the stencil company would actually know a thing or two about stenciling. I’d been using too much paint, so I cleaned the gunk (otherwise known as spray adhesive) off my stencil, practiced a little on some foam core, and decided for try number two.

It still wasn’t perfect, but it was oh-so much better than the last time. Instead of pouring paint into a tray, I spooned a teaspoon onto a paper plate, rolled over it a few times, and then cleaned off the excess by rolling on a paper towel. Was that really enough paint to make it work? Oh you of little faith, it was great.

Then it was just a matter of going section by section, and waiting for the paint to dry. The problem was that the blue painters tape would pull up a little of the newly dried stencils. The process could not be rushed. This was a lesson in patience, but bit by bit it came together.

Stenciling Collage

The stencil wasn’t quite the right size when I came to the end. So since it was mine to do with as I wished–I’m a powerful person, you know–I used my rotary cutter (yes the same one normal people use for quilting) to slice off an inch or two as needed along the bottom and side edges.

Once I had the painting completed, I was anxious to get the shelves off the floor and start filling them once more. But sometimes it pays to think. That kid who still lives at home likes to organize her school work in binders and leave them all over the house. Wouldn’t it be great if the bottom shelf was tall enough for binders and then everything would look neat and tidy? OK, so not everything, but you know what I mean.

The shelf supports needed a little convincing. First with pliers and then with a hammer, I introduced them to their new situation. Finally, I had a clean slate–sort of.

Finished 2

Looking at them, I was a little worried. That stenciling looked kind of busy to me. After all that work, was I going to hate the bookshelves? So I took a deep breath and plunged on.

Some books, some pictures, some pottery, some candles, and some knick-knacks came to the rescue. These guys are looking good.

Bookcase filledNow our shelves are filled with books and mementos that mean something to us. We have a few bare shelves, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for treasures along the way.

Bookcase filled from the side

Stenciling was more time-consuming and harder than I expected, but I love the results. Who knows, maybe I’ll be talked into trying my hand at some more stenciling before the summer is over.

I’m also excited about all those books I can get rid of. My cup car is full and running over.

Books in the car 2

What have you been painting lately? Spreading any bookshelf love at your house?





3 thoughts on “Showing Some Bookcase Love

  1. I really like how it turned out. Want to also see what the affect is from the dining room. Nice job. Which shelf will the binders find a home. That ‘kid that still lives at home” will surly enjoy having a place for her binders, since ‘organizing rooms’ are her middle name. MeeMee

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