Pimping the Drive

Some people like to pimp their ride, but since we’re a little more low-key, we decided to pimp our drive.

The MR comes up with all these great ideas I’ve never even thought of. I’m going to paint the roof. Huh? If that wasn’t enough fun, he decided to reseal the driveway. Can you really do that?

The answer is yes, and it’s one of those maintenance things that people will actually notice. Sweet Miss was housesitting and when when she came home, she was full of compliments. Wow, did you have the driveway repaved? It makes the house look much more expensive. She knows how to make her daddy happy.

Now, the MR didn’t reseal the driveway just to hear a bunch of compliments. Apparently over the years, all those little cracks and crevices just keep getting bigger. Next thing you know, you have potholes and grass growing in your driveway. So basically, a little maintenance now can save you a lot of headaches later.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of asphalt, and the weather hasn’t been cooperating, so this has been a huge ongoing project.

When the MR’s folks were here, Papa needed a something to do (after he finished up all of my little projects), so the MR had him blow all the debris off the driveway with the leaf blower, and then power wash it. They filled in the larger cracks with caulk and would coat the driveway over the weekend together.

Of course, that was the Saturday that it poured down rain. No worries, there was only a 10 percent chance of rain Sunday afternoon. They’d just do it then. The MR and his dad ate lunch, watched a little World Cup, and then got to work.Just the beginning


It was looking so good. The MR was stirring the sealer and carrying the buckets, and his dad was spreading it on the driveway. It was all black, and shiny, and new.

Papa at work

With a little teamwork, this was going to look great. And then an hour later, the heavens opened and dumped rain. The deluge washed all the brand-new sealant into the helicopter pad, and drove two tired and grumpy men indoors. (No we don’t have a helicopter, but the previous owner did. I guess the neighbors didn’t like it and put it in their CCR’s that no helicopters were allowed in their neighborhood. That’ll teach him.)

With work the next day, this became a job the MR would tackle on his own. He replaced the three buckets of sealer with four more; it wasn’t covering quite as much area as the manufacture claimed. The next Saturday, with no chance of rain all day, he was driven inside once more by a passing shower. Thankfully, it didn’t wash away all his hard work this time.

Driveway leading to house


As with painting the roof, this job has required a few trips to the hardware store to pick up more supplies. Let’s just say we have a lot of driveway. But as of last week, the MR has finished. All the little cones have been removed, and I don’t have to park on the grass anymore.

Thank you honey–it looks great!

The MR used Ultra Maxx 1000 fast dry filler and sealer. You can find lots of tutorials and information online to reseal your asphalt driveway.

Have you ever sealed your driveway? How are you sprucing up the front of your house?









6 thoughts on “Pimping the Drive

  1. I had no idea. We could probably do this in our second drive, the biggest of course. The other drive is concrete. Will have to mention this to Hubby. Still hoping to do siding this fall, next spring at the latest. But the best laid plans…

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