Finishing Touches

After 10 months of tearing things apart and putting them back together, the upstairs bathroom is almost finished.

The MR and his Mom spent an afternoon painting the walls a cool, spa-like gray-green.


I did a little shopping and picked up a black-and-white botanical print.


With a bath mat and some fluffy new towels, we are almost finished.


We have a local construction company scheduled to do some work downstairs and to replace all the missing baseboards upstairs next month.

So if we manage to install a couple of towel racks, we’ll have the whole bathroom remodel completed in less than a year. Good things take time.

What are you putting the finishing touches on?

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Check out Coming Together for the lady bathroom update.


3 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. Oh darn, it looks like we won’t see any downstairs changes until we come up next year. Now, the upstairs bath is green, and am I correct that the towels are blue, and the mat is gray? Wow, almost done, yahoo! We are on the 4th show of 5 this weekend. See you on July 29 & 30th. MeeMee

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