A Look Back at July ’14

It’s summertime, the weather has been gorgeous, and the blog has been totally focused on the outdoors.

It’s not yet noon, and the temp hovers just below 85–inside. No wonder my thoughts turn to the outside as much as possible.

So let’s get our two inside jobs out of the way, and we’ll move outside where we’ll try to find a shady spot or perhaps a breeze. The MR and his mom painted the upstairs bath, and I bought this and that to add The Finishing Touches to the girls’ bathroom remodel.


I love the soothing, spa-like tones, and fluffy new towels add an extra bit of comfort.

While the two of them were able to paint the bathroom in just an afternoon, my stenciling project went on for days, but Showing Some Bookcase Love was totally worthwhile in the end.

Bookcase filled from the side


Remember that car load of books I took to the used bookstore? Well, I received a total of $8. Me and Sweet Miss had to wait around for a couple of hours for the workers to go through our boxes, and since we were leaving on vacation, we picked up a few paperbacks for our trip. I wound up $20 in the hole. At least we had fun reading for the beach, and I got all those boxes and bags of other people’s stuff out of my house.

Now it’s time to move outside. Most evenings, that’s where you’ll find us, out on the deck, watching the sunset, playing with the dogs, and enjoying a nice glass of wine. I won’t lie to you; The Livin’ is Easy.

Sunset 2


Until it’s not. This silly place comes with a lot of upkeep. The MR Pimped the Drive applying around 15 5-gallon buckets of sealer. While the dust from the miles of dirt road leading up to the house have muted the driveways finish, it still looks black and impressive.

Driveway leading to house

We checked out our local Garden Art In Bloom to see about adding some more curb appeal to our place. We saw lots of beautiful sculptures, big and small, in all sorts of price ranges, but I stuck with the metal flowers that caught my fancy last year and added two to the collection.

It was on our vacation, that we took the kids (I use the term loosely) blueberry-picking.  It may have helped that we’d already taken them white-water rafting, rented a lake house, and bought them a hearty breakfast before putting them to work in the hot morning sun.




Most of the 20 pounds of berries never made it home from our trip. Who can say no to all that Blueberry Goodness? I love having fresh fruit to snack on this time of year.

We’ve also been enjoying broccoli, onions, carrots, beets, and two plums from our own garden. After I pulled the broccoli last week (check out How Does Your Garden Grow), I was excited to see seedlings emerging. Unfortunately, I also noticed a few bites out of those tender leaves. That gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my friend Judi’s Homemade Insecticide. If you’re having bug, bird, or slug troubles, Gardeners Say the Darndest Things has got you covered with this great recipe.

apples and valleyOK, I have a confession to make. I’m not really a Crazy Bird Woman, but I do really like to watch the birds over the valley. I just wish I could capture their majesty in a photo.

Another Eagle in the Storm


You can imagine how excited I was when I was out weeding and found a feather by the barberry. Finally, I’d be able to discover whether these were eagles or turkey vultures. I went to the internet only to figure out I still couldn’t tell what kind of bird it came from. The truly scary part was that web sites started talking about a $100,000 fine, and a year in jail for possession of a feather. Since that doesn’t sound like fun to me, the feather just went back out in the yard, and I’ll continue to call them eagles.

Finally, I was totally disappointed when the Victorian meanings of some of my favorite flowers were just awful, so I made up my own Flower TalesCrocosmia


Sunflowers and zinnias remind me of my sweet girls. And crocosmia and hydrangeas remind me of the happy homes me and the MR have shared. I’m thinking all the ferns (sincerity) surrounding our house cancel out all the foxgloves with their lies (insincerity).

What’s been going on in July at your house? Are you enjoying summer in all it’s richness?


3 thoughts on “A Look Back at July ’14

  1. Love that ‘my girls’ are commenting on this wonderful blog. Can’t wait till you show the bell in the yard. Great blog as usual, we are getting home tomorrow. Thank you for the lovely time in your home. MK&L

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