Out of the Pit

Have you ever walked through a pitch black room at 6 am with dogs swarming around your feet hoping against hope not to fall into a pit? Welcome to my life six months out of the year.

Wait, I mean welcome to my old life. In the mid-70’s, my aunt and uncle built a house on a lake with a fireplace and a conversation pit; it was so cool. Fast forward 40 years and conversation pits are not longer cool–they’re a tripping hazard.

After two years, we’re finally making some changes to the inside. OK, so we maybe we’ve done a few things to the inside, but this is a huge change. We’re filling in the pit.

Pit Construction

It wasn’t just the tripping hazard thing that had me frustrated. The actual dimensions of the conversation pit were all wrong. If you were three, the seat was totally meant for you. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, we’ve all grown a lot since we were three. The carpeted steps were uncomfortable for a grown up, and adding pillows just made everything worse.

So soon, we will have an even, level floor. I will be able to reach the mantel without using a step stool. One of the weird quirks of our house will have gone by the wayside. Let’s be honest, with all its corners and angles, this place has enough character to spare. I can adapt to a “normal” fireplace.

One of the great benefits of getting rid of the pit is that we’ll be able to get new carpet. I see some shopping in my future.

Are you making changes? Are conversation pits super cool or just plain strange?

By the by, this post went live at 2:49 am on August 13th, because 20 years ago one of my favorite people was born at just that time. We love you Sweet Miss. Thank you for 20 years of joy, excitement, and love. Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught us and for helping us to be better people. We heart you baby.

Baby SW

Here’s a picture of the “pit” before, just in case you’ve forgotten where we started.

Conversation pit or ball pit which would you prefer?

Conversation pit or ball pit which would you prefer?





7 thoughts on “Out of the Pit

  1. Yippee! The pit is now a memory, and I understand that continuing the flooring whichis on the old tile walkway might be considered for the rest of the room…..I heartily agree that is a great idea! MeeMee and Papa

  2. HI! We are dealing with a pit too – only trying to figure out the best way to fill it in. It appears you have used wooden joints? I wondered about using sand and concrete. Would love your advice!

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