To Carpet or Not To Carpet?

I left you a few weeks ago in the midst of our fireplace conversation pit remodel. We went from a useless hole, to framework, to a lovely, plywood-floored seating area.

To Carpet or Not to Carpet 001


We love it. I can dust the mantel without getting out a step stool. At night, I can sit by the fire if I need a little light to work on one of my projects. I no longer worry about tripping over the dogs in the wee hours of the morning when I go to get my coffee–well, I might still trip, but I won’t fall down stairs into a pit.

The birds are singing, all is goodness and light, and then we have to talk about floors. It was going to be so easy. We were just going to add some neutral gray carpet to match the concrete-coated floors. Then I started talking to the interior designers. They started using phrases like “better flow”, “makes more sense”, “continuity”.

Even with new carpet, we’d wind up with weird angles in the floor.

To Carpet or Not to Carpet 004

Making the whole great room floor the same gray, concrete-like material seemed to make sense. It’s easy to clean, conducts heat well, and hides all the dirt the dogs track in constantly.

So last week, I had Kenji, the local Semco contractor whom we had worked with in April, come out to make a bid for the rest of the floors downstairs (except the bedrooms) and the main area upstairs. That’s when things got tricky.

When we had him redo the entry, walkways, bathrooms, kitchen, and dining room last spring, he was adding a coating over tile. This time, we were removing the carpet and the pad, and suddenly we were dealing with a major height difference.

DiscrepancySomehow, that doesn’t sound like seamless. Now we’re discussing the insulation factor of hardiplank. And how to adhere said material to the floors without damaging our in-floor heating system. Perhaps a self-settling concrete would be a better option?

What about adding a few outlets? All the professionals just keep telling me how difficult it is to when you have heated tubing running through your floors.

Sometimes, I just want choices to be simple, straight-forward, and easy. Basically, all of the choices in this home have not been any of these.

So for now, I’m checking options and putting furniture purchasing on hold. Who wants beautiful new furniture covered in dust from new floors?

Now ;that I’ve had a week’s break from the blog to pout/regather my energy, let’s take a look at the positive. We suddenly have rooms upstairs that look finished.

Molding Collage

Bogart and I both approve. It’s fulfilling to see beautiful moldings instead of ugly, unfinished walls. Sweet Miss pointed out that we still have holes in the floors from where the radiator tubing was. You can see them in this photo of her room.

SWs Moldings

Don’t worry dearie, those will be taken care of when we recarpet the bedrooms and have the Semco flooring installed in the hangout room. Radiators will just be a bad memory.

OK, now I have emails to send and questions to ask, if these floors are ever going to get done.

Would you ever give up your wall-to-wall carpet? Do you have any tips on how to install floor outlets on heated floors?






6 thoughts on “To Carpet or Not To Carpet?

  1. Yes, I would give up my wall to wall carpeting, but glad I don’t have to. I have not a clue as to how, or why you would put plug-in into the floor. And yes, I DO think the plan to put the grey stuff instead of carpet is a wonderful idea. Great photos. MeeMee

    • We want a few floor outlets, so we don’t have to run cords across the floor for the computer in the desk area and for a few lamps in the middle of the great room. We’re plugging along with the gray stuff, but outlets are the biggest hurdle.

  2. I hate to admit if it was me, I would probably just say put carpet back. I do love the grey flooring though…Just as long as I could find a nice cushy area rug I would be ok with it. I do understand your thinking about the plug-ins, but best listen to the experts i’m afraid. Bluetooth may be a good option…

    • It would make life simpler to go with carpet. I’m with you–we’ll be investing in some cushy area rugs to warm things up. It’s truly amazing how easy the floors are to keep clean, or perhaps how well the gray floors hide dirt–either way it’s a bonus.

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