Taking a Look at August

Last month, we crafted and donated, remodeled and decorated, landscaped and harvested. It was a A Little of This, A Little of That all month long.

Main Floor Plan Delineated

Sweet Miss crafted jewelry holders in A Chip Off the Old Block.

Necklace and Earring holders

And I made Heartwarming Hats for children around the world.

Cocoa and hats

Do you really need more trees? The answer is yes, when you want your home to be part of the scenery rather than a fortress on a hill. We’ve been faithfully watering our new plants giving them a good start.

Trees in Back


We are full on to harvest season, and the apples have gone crazy. Abundance comes with its own trials. Next year, I’ll thin the apples down to two per cluster to avoid this calamity. Another branch broke just the other day, so I’ve been picking my red apples early.

Duct Taped Apple 1

We really are thankful for success in light of last year’s failures, but each season comes with its own lessons. Transplants seem to work better with the slugs and birds we face out here. My tomatoes are a veritable jungle. Thinning and tying vines up early on will improve the harvest. I’ve thrown out numerous half-eaten, rotten tomatoes hidden amongst the leaves.

I was shocked at how quickly the contractors Filled in the Pit and added baseboards upstairs. I love being able to reach the mantle without a step stool. I have visions of cozy chairs next to the fireplace this winter.

To Carpet or Not to Carpet 001

Our original plan was to recarpet the rest of the great room, but we’ve decided Not to Carpet, and to go with the same resurfacing treatment that we used on the tile. That has opened a whole can of worms. We have to raise the level of the floor, and we’re taking this opportunity to add another floor outlet where the desk is situated which gets tricky when you have tubing embedded in concrete heating your home. September is looking like a messy month.

Finally, I met with two interior designers. They visited our house to get a feel for what we might need and have been giving advice on furniture and layout. One of the strange things about this house was the amount of furniture left behind. They encouraged me to rethink the benches by the front door and not be Trapped by What We Have.

Corn Plants Gramps Cart


Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it has to be. I think it’s time to find a new spot for those benches–maybe the garage or someone else’s house.

Sadly the upcoming flooring work, has put the furniture shopping on hold. Here are few ideas. We’re looking at a simple dining table with clean lines to fill the space, a comfy sofa, a chaise or loveseat, partnered with some fun chairs, and a funky coffee table.

Some day, it will all come together. August also saw me and MR celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary, and Sweet Miss turning the big 20. Just yesterday, Baby Girl started her senior year of high school, and next week Sweet Miss will be leaving us for college life once more. I love having us all together.

The girls

How was you’re August? School started in your neck of the woods?





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