We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

From this view, it’s easy to see the landscape has changed.

Landing in Oz


Last weekend, me and the MR made a surprise visit to Kansas to celebrate my older brother’s 50th birthday. Sometimes, my little brother comes up with some great ideas.

Me and the boys


In a few short days, we went bowling and golfing, ate fast food, played cards and roasted marshmallows, celebrated a birthday and a baby shower, and caught up with family.

Undeniably one of the sweetest moments was when my brother’s youngest son presented his sister with moon and stars pillows he’d made himself for his soon to arrive nephew.

Little guy


I see someone else in the family has inherited the crafting gene.

Now we’re 2,000 miles away back home with meetings and volleyball, flooring issues and design decisions, shopping, gardening, and volunteering. It’s so good to be home.

How was your weekend? 




2 thoughts on “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

  1. Oh wowie, that was a ‘total memory’ weekend. So glad you have your blog going out to ‘there’, so we are all able to see your ‘goings on’. We spent a delightful weekend in TX with our grandson playing games and doing ‘hey, I can do that for you’ projects while the parents and granddaughter were at her ECNL (eleat club national league) soccer games in Houston….Not sure if that is the correct wording, but you get the ‘jist’ of the story. We have now moved to Branson for 2 months. Loving life!

  2. What a great time! So glad you were all able to get together and celebrate!

    My weekend was pretty good. Did a 5K Friday morning. I only walk, but had a good time. Didn’t finish last and wasn’t even on the last page, so that was nice. Ready for cooler weather so I can get back on track. I can’t tolerate the heat. Although, I think I just need to adjust and not feel like I have to do 3.5 miles every time I walk.

    Then spent the afternoon and evening with my Aunt. Great day.

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