A Little Color

I love our windows–the sunshine, the heat, the view that they allow. Fading and glare are another not so nice byproduct.

It’s one reason we’ve been leery of putting up artwork in the great room. But what’s the story in our room? We have a TV and a mirror and then nothing. I have visions of me and the MR going on an art walk, meeting interesting people, buying beautiful pieces, and supporting young artists. That pretty much never happens–probably never will.

So when I came across a modern, abstract floral on HauteLook in all the right colors, I ran it by the MR, and went ahead and ordered it. After a month or so, it finally arrived, and it was big. A 4-foot by 4-foot square would certainly fit next to the TV, but then we’d have two large pieces on the same wall.

So instead, we decided the area over the bath tub needed a little excitement.

Flower Print over Tub

I like that it’s not just gray and navy but has some yellow and a hint of the green I’ve used in other areas in the room.You might be worried about water-damage with it being so close to the bath. Well, this is a Japaneses soaking tub, and it just doesn’t see much action. I can’t seem to get used to sitting bolt upright when I’m relaxing in the tub.

And what about sun damage? During the summer, we keep the blinds down to keep our room cool, and since this window opens up on the side yard and the driveway and offers a clear view of the shower from the outside, we pretty much keep the blinds down all winter, too.

Print and Window

It’s fun to add a little personality to our bathroom. Now, I just need to keep my eyes open for some smaller pieces for the bedroom area and maybe keep my ears open for an art walk. I think it could be fun.

How do you decorate your bathroom? Any art over the bathtub?




3 thoughts on “A Little Color

  1. Our half bath is the only bathroom really decorated. Nice earthy feel, big bold metal work piece on the back wall across from a very large wall mirror that was custom framed by a friend. I dream of redoing the spare bathroom and claiming it as my own. It is the only bathtub, but that room has raised 9 kids in the history of this home! (2 families) It is has dated pieces and I can’ t wait to re-do it. Our bathroom almost seems like an afterthought, very small, but grateful for my own bathroom. Small and really blends into our room (with a pocket door to shut out the facilities and shower). We are not sure what we will do. The bathrooms but up to each other, and we would rally like to possibly make the spare bathroom smaller and the master larger, but we will see if that is possible, or even feasible.

    Artwork – Maybe in our very open living area you could go a different route such as photography that would go behind UV protecting glass?

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