Problem Solving

What do you do when you inherit some really awful carpet with stains? Or when your kids have their own “hangout” room and they spill tea, or hot chocolate, or just a little Gatorade? And Mom are you crazy do we really need to clean it up? Or carpeted stairs that are stained and covered in dog hair?


Or maybe you have a tiled kitchen area next to that stained carpet that’s just awkward? You can’t open the dishwasher without hitting the table; and if you move the table the other way, you can’t open the fridge.


If you have any of these problems, I feel your pain; if you have all of these problems, welcome home. After a lot of back and forth, me and the MR decided to minimize upkeep and improve the flow of the upstairs area by adding the Semco flooring we had installed last spring in the same lovely gray color. While this probably wouldn’t be the best choice in a more traditional home; it definitely works with our space and needs.

The first step was emptying out the hangout room. Lucky for us Sweet Miss headed back to college last week. If we advertised a studio apartment for rent, totally furnished with two dressers, a twin bed, a futon, a loveseat, a desk, a stove, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher, someone might get really excited, until they saw the place.

SM Room Wider View

OK, so you can’t get past the door. Sweet Miss, your room is still yours–don’t worry. We also have a storage area off the hangout room that came in handy.

storage room

Then came the fun part, I say facetiously. I guess the nicest way to put it is that the dogs had some house training issues before we started locking them up in the laundry room. So the MR tore up some of the carpet and painted on a layer of Kilz to keep the smell from leeching through. Knock on wood, it’s going to work. Have I mentioned that my guy is a hard-working machine? He’s pretty amazing.

hangout room 3

He left the tile and the rest of the removal to Kenji and his crew. It was a little noisy, but they got rid of the tile and carpet, and had the room prepped by Monday afternoon.

kitchen area prepped

By making the whole floor one material, we’ve opened up a lot of options for furniture placement. We no longer have a strange square corner of carpet next to the storage area and the table has breathing room.

While we decided to keep carpet in the girls rooms, we are having the stairs and hall coated.

stairway to bedrooms

It’s surprising, but I think the stairs look better already even with overspray, tape and plastic.

stairs without carpet 2

I can’t wait till it’s all over. Baby Girl is going to find out that it’s a lot easier to dust mop rather than vacuum, and simple to wipe up a spill rather than steam clean spots. My child is on her way to loving neat and tidy if it kills her.

It’s going to be fun to put the hangout room back together after all this craziness. We’ve been furniture shopping, and I think it’s time to move some of our old furniture upstairs–maybe we’ll be getting ready to redo the rest of the great room floors by then.

Progress is messy, chaotic, and kinda wonderful.

What’s going on at your house? Making any changes?





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