Orange Is the New Green

If last week’s chaos wasn’t enough, we decided to bring it downstairs.

All the furniture has been shoved into random corners, so we can have the sea of green carpet removed.

Carpet East


It’s crazy how even the subflooring looks better than that carpet.

Carpet Gone 2

After removal came the tricky part–the electrical portion. We turned off the heat and opened all the windows overnight to cool off the floors. The next morning, we turned on the heat and a fellow with a very expensive thermal camera came and took pictures mapping out the tubing that runs through our floors and heats our home. He left behind markings to show where we could add some electrical outlets for the computer and possible floor lamps.

Marked Areas

I came home from a walk, to find the MR and our project manager talking about how slick the camera was. They were a little surprised that the tubing was set four inches apart in one area of the room and eight inches in another. It was a little odd, but who knows why people do these things? We do now. Part of our system may be clogged, or that camera wasn’t quite as good as we’d hoped. On the final outlet, after chipping carefully away all day, the electrician spouted off a few choice words. You know it’s gotta be trouble.

The nick 2

He’d nicked the tubing with his screwdriver. A nick is better than a cut. I was certain this was gloom and doom–destruction of floors and heating. I can get a little fatalistic.

Apparently, it’s a simple fix.They talked about using plumbers tape to fix it, but since soon it will be covered by an under-layer and flooring material, that didn’t seem prudent. The project manager went on to explain about shark teeth clamps. Let’s just say we called in a professional and have documentation to explain the repair.

The Fix 2

And now a few rainy days later, we even have heat again. You may be wondering what’s with the orange. Don’t worry; I’m getting to that.

So are our floors in? Not even close. We had the concrete flooring installed over our tile floors. Now that we’ve removed the carpet and pad, they weren’t even. So we couldn’t simply have the Semco flooring put in over the that; we needed to add half an inch. Hardyboard needs to be nailed down. With the tubing in the floors, that’s not going to happen.

The next idea was a half inch layer of gypcrete. Of course, that needs to cure for 30 days. Sorry, I’m not living like this for a month.

How we're living

So Schluter-Ditra to the rescue. I know. Who makes up these names? You can find out all about it here, or just picture the great room floor covered in bright orange honeycomb. I do believe the ceilings glowed at one point last night; it was like living in an orange.

Orange floor at sunset

It will keep our floor from cracking, raises it to the proper level (cross you fingers), and will work with the Semco coating.

It doesn’t look quite as bad by the light of morning.

Orange floor at sunrise

Who am I kidding? It’s awful. In another week or so, life will get back to normal. I can deal with anything for a week.

Until then, we’ve traded faded green in for bright orange–awesome!

Ever been in the midst of a project and think wow this was a bad idea? Any remodeling at your house? Share your fiascoes please. It’s been one of those weeks, and this is only the half of it.



12 thoughts on “Orange Is the New Green

  1. Orange inspires creativity! It is also my son’s favorite color. He chose it for his bathroom when he was in high school. It is also the color of my craft room. It is not however honeycomb, nor does it have black writing on it. 🙂 It’s coming along and will be so fabulous! I am sure we have had some projects that we thought were a bad idea, but as with child birth, you live through it, see the results, and forget about the pain of it all. No remodeling today, but may have to make some of our plans happening sooner rather than later.

    • Sweet Miss had an orange wall and orange pillows at the old house. It may be creative, but I’m glad the glowing orange floors are short-lived. The project manager came to finish some work and thought I had all the lights on. No lights; just crazy floors. I’m learning patience.

  2. We are so excited for you, we can hardly stand it. Thank goodness you are sending out blogs, for we would have not liked it if we couldn’t have seen it all unfolding.. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey. I really liked what your friend Lori had to say. MK

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