September–Taking It All In

October is swiftly passing by, and I haven’t even taken a look at September. I could say it’s just been so busy, and Baby Girl’s volleyball takes up so much time, and I just haven’t gotten back into the rhythm of the school year. But to be honest I’ve been pouting.

Redoing your floors is a major pain. Having everything out of place drives me crazy.

october 075

I want my computer back on the desk not shoved into the corner of the kitchen. Let’s just say it’s tight quarters, and I’m not always a good sport.

september oct 004

Add to that volleyball, homecoming, two weekends away, three birthdays, Sweet Miss moving back to school, 50 pounds of tomatoes and 80 pounds of apples, a head on collision, dealing with insurance and the auto body shop, a couple back-to-back major remodels, a golf-ball size lump appearing on the dog’s face, friends and family going through hard times, and I’ve just put the blog on hold for a bit.

I’d love to say I’ll be back three times a week, like usual, but for now I’m taking it day by day. Thanks for understanding.

So on that note, let’s take a look at September.

The first weekend of the month, me and the MR along with my dad, my little brother and my fabulous sister-in-law all flew back to Kansas to surprise my older brother on his 50th birthday. He thought he was just going out to dinner with his family when he stumbled across the five of us. His daughter is having a baby soon, so we also got to celebrate this new life at a shower for her, had the chance to meet my oldest nephews girl friend, and hung out with my brother’s passel of boys. It’s always good to catch up with family.

Kansas Collage

I did get one bit of clutter picked up in September. The print I ordered arrived and sat for ages in the entry. Sometimes when things don’t go we’ll, I freeze and do nothing. We have all this empty wall space in the bedroom, and I thought a large print would help obscure the fact that we have a giant TV hanging on the wall.

september oct 006

You just have to imagine the home entertainment cabinet isn’t parked in the corner of the bedroom to make room for the floor remodel. However you look at it, a 4×4-foot print might have been a bit much. Instead of one big thing on the wall, I’d just multiplied it by two.

A Little Color over the bath tub was just the thing.

Flower Print over Tub

By the by, the MR was talking to the Fed Ex guy who has delivered out here for more than 20 years, and he was glad we put up blinds in the master suite. With the previous owners, he never knew what he’d see when he rounded the corner. I guess you could watch for people coming while soaking in the tub. I’m just not that free and easy.

Upstairs, we did a little Problem Solving and revamped the layout of the room by using one floor covering throughout. My plan was to show lovely afters with all the furniture and artwork back in place looking amazing. Well, as you’ve noticed, I’ve been falling behind. So here’s the finished floors with the room reloaded–just not perfect.

october 065

We have no break between carpet and tile; the whole floor is seamless. And yes, I do think a laundry basket can be used as a table decoration.

october 069

The dogs seem to approve. Since I spent so much time upstairs with them during the floor work downstairs, Bogart has started wandering off on his own, so he can sleep on the furniture. You gotta watch these dogs.

october 074

Do you remember those three tomato plants out in the garden? Well, two of them were paste tomatoes and they produced over 50 pounds. Crazy, huh? In Harvest Time I’d just begun putting up tomatoes and apples. I canned pasta sauce, tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, tomato jam–what I like to call grown up ketchup, and applesauce from our very own tree. Next year, I plan on growing the tomato plants next to the chain link around the tennis court, so I don’t have to worry about a strong enough cage or trellis. I can’t imagine that they will be like the beans and climb 10 feet high, but we’ll wait and see.

september oct 002

I’ve been using recipes from my old and new canning books, but the tomato jam recipe I found at Putting Up with Erin. If you have gobs of tomatoes, it is definitely worth a try.

Finally Orange is the New Green showcased our glowing orange floors. It’s hard to believe anything can be worse than the emerald fading to teal floors we’ve been living with.

Carpet East

Oh, but we found it.

Orange floor at sunset

Baby Girl said the whole house glowed when she came home from school. You can see the ceiling is reflecting orange everywhere. The project manager thought I had all the lights in the house on… If you want more light in your house, the answer is simple. Paint the floors orange. I do believe you’ll go insane in short order, but you’ll do it in a well lit space.

Thankfully, I was out our women’s retreat that weekend and only had to live with it for a few days. The first layer of scratch coat was a vast improvement.


We lived with dust, noise and crazy for a week. Unfortunately the Semco flooring over the Schluter-Ditra is quite wavy while the flooring over the former tile walkways is smooth. We are not happy, and Kenji will be back at the end of the month to make things right. Until then, we’re still in flux.

floors 001

You can see how at the edge of the photo, the floor is flat, while in the middle it’s wavy. Here’s a closer look.

floors 004

That brings us up-to-date. If you’re worried about the car crash, it was on the blind corner of our driveway at very low speed. My car and the workers SUV did get stuck together; maybe that’s why there was so much damage. I’m hoping to get my car back at the end of the week. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Bogart looked pretty awful for a while, but two pills twice a day for three weeks has him back to normal. I was totally impressed when the new vet took the time to make friends with him.

We were also able to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday with old friends and family. The biggest laugh of the night was when my dad told the story of the time his buddy couldn’t disengage the emergency brake, so he drove his family to church backwards. The MR didn’t believe it, but I’ve known that guy my whole life. This was gospel truth; they only lived a mile from church.

Dealing with tomatoes and keeping dogs away from workers has kept me from putting the garden to bed and harvesting the last of the vegetables. That’s on the agenda for this week. We also have two volleyball matches, a corn maze with FFA, a trip to the dentist, Bible study, student store, maybe some golf, and I hope a little time for the Big White House on the Hill.

Thank you to those who have messaged and emailed to say they were missing the blog. And thanks also to those who’ve gone out of their way to say how much they’ve enjoyed our journey and the stories I share. You keep me going.

How has fall been treating you?


7 thoughts on “September–Taking It All In

  1. OH my!! I am glad things are getting smoothed out. I am just sad with myself for not noticing you have been missing!! Some craziness in our lives, too. Nothing I can discuss at this time. 😉 The flooring will be great when they fix it, I bet you were frustrated!! I am most glad to hear the accident was not too serious and the dog is doing well!!!

    We are very busy around here, it seems fall has a lot of activities.

  2. So happy to finally hear from you, and with new pictures. I am so glad that others called, and wrote, with messages of “missing your blogs”. You have become an integral part of many lives, and your absence was worrisome to the many ‘regular readers’. If ‘things happen’ again, please ask for prayers from all of us……………it will help. Glad for Bogart, and your harvest…….did the guest room receive a new mattress? MeeMee and Papa Oh, by the way, I ‘told the family many times’ that a mirror on the blind corner was necessary………….now I am able to say “I told you so”. Thinking the bill for the damage was a ‘wake-up-call” as well. MK.

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