End of Season Surprises

Earlier this week between rainstorms, I used a sunny afternoon to start putting the garden to bed.
It sounds like I shouldn’t cut back the asparagus until the “ferns” start dying. The tomatoes have already succumbed to late blight, so I pulled their vines and tossed them in the blackberry bushes.

If I’d been more diligent about staking them out, I’d have doubled my harvest. Next year, the chain link fence is going to come in handy with the tomatoes.

After pulling out the vines, I was amazed at how many onions were hidden beneath them. We’re set for quite awhile–Good thing Baby Girl has developed a taste for cooked onions.

Earlier this summer, when I was working really hard trying to keep cucumber plants alive, I was excited to see vines developing. A few weeks later, I decided these were the strangest looking cucumbers I’d ever seen.


Maybe they were supposed to be round like the eight-ball zucchini? As time went on, I realized my mistake. Those weren’t cucumbers; they were cantaloupe. But I didn’t plant any cantaloupe–these were volunteers from last year. Maybe worms don’t eat cantaloupe seeds?

Cantaloupe Multiply

So along with onions, I picked beans, carrots, cantaloupe, lettuce, a lone zucchini, and six pounds of giant beets.

End of season

Sadly, my fall broccoli never took off. If I’m lucky, it’ll overwinter and produce early in the spring. I haven’t dug up the potatoes; I hope all the rain hasn’t turned them into mush.

Remember that plum tree we planted to help with our pollination problems? Yeah, that little stick?

Weeping Santa Rosa Sprigs

Well, now it’s taken on the shape of an actual tree even if it’s still quite short.

Weeping Santa Rosa 2

Cross your fingers for a bunch of tasty plums next summer.

We’re not the only ones enjoying the harvest. Baby Girl’s FFA chapter was able to share some local produce with her elementary school a few weeks ago.

Taste of WA

Kale chips, colorful beans, and local cheese were all a hit with lunch kids.

What local fruits and vegetables are you enjoying?


7 thoughts on “End of Season Surprises

  1. Happy bountiful harvest! We are enjoying home grown tomatoes from the roadside garden, and this week we are trying Missouri recipe for fried okra. Will let you know how that goes. The leaves are starting to turn rapidly now that the nights are in the low 40s. So beautiful.

    • I always like to stop at those roadside stands. You’ll have to let me know how the okra turns out. That’s one midwest delicacy my dad doesn’t eat. It’s still in the mid-50s here overnight, but cool days are coming and the leaves are turning. The MR is out with the leaf blower now.

  2. The little silver gate into the veggie garden is gorgeous – and so is the plum tree. Isn’t it great to get surprises in the garden? Cantaloupes! Funny! And it’s great to see BG and friends enjoying the fruits of your labour. While your veggie growing time is winding down, ours is just revving up. I have to get weeding before I can plant anything, though. Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow! Have a great week. xoxoxox

    • Thank you for seeing things with new eyes. I’ve never noticed the charm of our garden gate before. I cant take credit for the veges BG served. They were from a “real” local farm not just our kitchen garden, but we did have tomato sauce from our own tomatoes on the pizza last night. When your garden is wrapping up my plum tree will be in bloom–it’s a neverending circle. Have a lovely weekend.

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