Color Me Happy

The designer we’ve been working with ventured out to our house early yesterday bringing with her samples and joy. OK, so mostly she brought samples, and I supplied the joy.

It’s exciting to be at the point where we’re actually making decisions on furniture. For the last 20 plus years, it’s always been buy one piece of furniture, wait four or five years, buy another piece of furniture. Of course that was after we replaced the old sectional from his parents with the old couch from my parents and added in a few chairs from his grandparents.

Then we moved here and we threw together the furniture from our old living room, family room, and a few chairs from the girls’ hangout room, and we can’t forget all the furniture the last owners left behind. Let’s just say, we’ve been living with a hodge-podge for the last three years.

And now we have a plan, direction, colors, fabrics, and even a vibrant carpet–at least on paper we have all those.


I placed the order with Room and Board for a couch, a chaise, two ottomans, and five easy chairs. Sadly, they won’t be here till almost January, but these are exciting times. Our designer did all the hard work with the store talking sizes, colors, fabrics, finishes, and I just called to pay.

Here’s a preview of one of the new chairs that I’m particularly crazy about.

I can see snuggling up in the Boden leather chair with a book and a blanket. We’re keeping the pieces fairly neutral and planning to add color with pillows and accessories. That being said, the carpet is going to add a strong punch of color with its orange and green stripes.

The MR and Little Buddy have both given the plan their stamp of approval.

Bogart on sample

How do you go about buying furniture? Have you ever redone a whole room at once?




6 thoughts on “Color Me Happy

  1. Wow, how exciting. It is too bad you have to wait so long for it to arrive. We have never redone everything in a room at once, we are generally just looking for one piece at a time. I think it is funny that you are going to end up with some orange, after that “glowing” floor you had for a week or so.

  2. Wow, lovely, warm colors! You can do ‘no wrong’. If you ‘love it, go with it’. Just remember, “family cozy-cuddly” is what you are all about. However, ‘good back support’ is long lasting. So happy with all your decisions…..thank you for sharing! MeeMee

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