Weathering the Storm

A hail storm blew through last week. My dad is from the the midwest, and he says we don’t have “real” hail around here–just sleet. Well, it was plenty noisy pounding on the windows and dancing around on the deck. It looked like hail to me. It was about that time that I noticed hail bouncing on our little wood side table. Perhaps that’s why it seemed so noisy.

Hail on TableApparently the hail was piling up around the exhaust fans in the ceiling and just pouring on through. With a steady forecast of rain for the weekend, I was worried that the MR wouldn’t have a chance to take a look at the problem, but he was able to fix it up with tar and flashing on Saturday morning.

Good thing he did; cause Saturday night it started to pour, the wind blew, the trees fell, and the power went it–for one day, no let’s make that two.

Kenji and his crew were due back early Monday to get rid of the waves in the flooring, but with no power, we told him to hold off. It was a beautiful day, so he probably could have worked here. But as the MR pointed out, we shouldn’t encourage contractors to drive over and under downed power and telephone lines to get to our house. He’s always so smart.

Monday was Baby Girl’s last regular season volleyball match, and when we left at five the power was still out. But when we arrived home that evening, I texted BG this welcome photo.

photo 2 (105)

So nice to have lights, heat, water, all the niceties we’re used to. We are lucky in that we have a generator and were able to keep the food cold and power the well, as needed. Even with our limited usage, the propane tank for the generator went from 80 percent down to 55, and winter hasn’t even started.

So what do you do when you’re trapped at home with limited power? Finish up a few projects of course.

photo 1 (106)

And get ready for the next round of renovation. As you may remember, we’ve been redoing the floors. We started back in the spring and loved how the Semco flooring remade the tile walkways. (Check it out here.) Then in September, we started on phase two redoing the upstairs and the carpeted area in the great room (here). Bringing the subfloor up to the formerly tiled floor level has been a bit of a challenge. We weren’t happy with the difference in texture between the two, so Kenji and his team are back to make things right.


They put down the scratch coat yesterday, and cross your fingers, it’ll all be finished by Thursday. We’ll be able to move our furniture back Saturday, and the echo will go away. Living in flux gets to me, so I’m looking forward to the end of the crazy.

How was your weekend? Storms headed your way?







3 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. All is beginning to look great again at your house! We are done for the season, and spending a few days at your MR’s sisters. Beautiful sun, and a little cooler temps. Fall is such a great season. MeeMee and Papa are ‘happy campers’.

  2. Your dad has a point, often when we get hail car windows are broken out, or house windows… Sorry it put ahold on your floor work!

    Our weekend was full of low 90’s weather! But we are back down to 50-60’s for the week again.

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