October’s Finally Over

It’s been one of those never ending months where nothing seems to go right, life is way too busy, and you just can’t wait till it ends.

It’s sad, because I love fall, the changing seasons, the crisp evening air, birthdays, colored leaves, endless volleyball, and the everyday beauty that surrounds us. I even love the sound of the rain pounding on the roof and the wind howling on a stormy night.

It was just this October that was killing me. The floor redo had to be redone, so chaos reigned for most of the month. When you have to move all of the furniture from the great room, it has to go somewhere. Maybe I should say it has to go everywhere: your room, the weird corners by the entry, the dining room, the guest room, and any odd corner you find.

furniture everywhere Collage

Let’s just say I don’t do well with turmoil. So as of Saturday, it’s over. the first go on the floors was quite wavy; the second go, not as much. Unfortunately, we had to wait out a few weeks between scheduling and resolution. Kenji, the Semco contractor, redid the floors. Happy customers are important.

So on the left, you’ll see the before, and on the right, the after.

Floor Collage

I know; it’s hard to see the difference at all. It truly is much better in real life. You’ll have to trust me on this. OK, and as an aside, the dogs are huge fans of the blog and take every opportunity to be part of it.

Now that life is back to normal, sort of, I’ll share the rest of the month. We talked about our Fall Favorites. And while I’m not a fan of spiders, I do appreciate their creativity.


We still haven’t had a frost around here–tons of rain, yes, just no frost. So our garden is still limping along. I need to brave the rain and wet grass and check out what’s going on down there, but I’m still enjoying my apple and beet juice drinks (check out The Motivating Power of a 2-pound Beet) and other End of Season Surprises. I love that Baby Girl and some kids from FFA had little teenies trying vegetables of all kinds.


When the girls were young, I could get them to do all sorts of mundane things without complaining if I called it an adventure. Perhaps the library across town had a book I really wanted, just call it an adventure, going somewhere we’d never been before, and we were good to go. A loaf of french bread saved me during many a grocery shopping trip, and pretending to be a hairdresser helped me get my oldest to actually comb her hair in the mornings. Sometimes, it’s all in the approach. Maybe you just have to dare your kids to try purple broccoli–the options are endless.

It’s crazy, but after three years Color Me Happy, we’re actually ordering furniture. It won’t arrive until 2015, but it’s on its way, and we’re making decisions. We’re having a bit of trouble with the echo factor from the new floors. Part of it has been not having all the furniture back in and part of it is the lack of carpet. We special ordered a rug for downstairs, and apparently due to the amount we had to order, we had enough extra for upstairs. And we’ll be adding a few more down here, too. With stripes in the middle, we’re adding a hide rug in a new seating area and this impressionistic floral in the dining room (Surya Banshee at Plush Rugs). It’s pretty and will hide all those spills that are bound to happen.

Surya Banshee BAN-3314 Rug

It’s predicted to be a mild winter, but we’ve already endured a two-day power outage, downed trees on the main gravel road, and hail (or sleet if you’re from the midwest) inside. The MR put flashing around the exhaust fans, we ran the generator judiciously, and we enjoyed the fire in the fireplace. I’m hoping we’ve Weathered the Storm and are good for the rest of the season.

Our troubles are light and easy compared to many others. Now that it’s Novermber, friends on Facebook have started listing what they’re thankful for each day. Our pastor said he’s a pessimist. The glass is half empty and filled with dirt. I don’t know that I’m that far gone, but at times I’m close.

Choosing to be positive is good advice for anyone, so I’m turning over a new leaf in November and counting my blessings come what may.

What are you thankful for?


2 thoughts on “October’s Finally Over

  1. I am excited to see the carpet/rug and quite surprised and equally pleased with the look of it. Can’t wait to see the furniture!! I am thankful for you and our family, and for this blog, and for our sunshine, and health and my comfy bed, and my eyesight and for my scale that reported I did not gain any weight while being gone for 4 months! Life is good!!!!!!

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