Catching Up with Fall

The sawdust has settled, the dust has cleared, and the furniture is finally back in place. That must mean it’s time to add a little fall cheer to the inside.

When the power was out for two days, me and the MR walked down to the cemetery to scope out the situation. The MR was cutting back branches that hung over the road and clearing all the storm debris; I was searching for perfect leaves in just the right color. I was going to preserve them with glycerin and decorate the mantel.

Well, I didn’t really think things through. Do you want to come home to a chilly house and wash leaves in cold water in the dark? By the time I got around to the leaves they were curly and not quite as pristine. I did dump them in a bag with some glycerin, but I haven’t had the heart to see just how they turned out.

Instead, I decided to decorate the mantel with candles and a little sparkly fall bling. It’s amazing the stuff you can find just sitting around your home. This is the first time I’ve decorated the fireplace since we had the conversation pit filled in. It’s so much easier not to climb up a stepstool just to see what you’re doing. We have just over 11 feet of mantel, so I did a lot of up and down, stepping back, and rearranging in the past. You know we did all this remodeling just to make decorating easier, right?

Fall Mantel Collage

We have a foot or two of empty space between the side vignettes and the center; but with all those corners, it’s nice to let things breath a little. I haven’t been upstairs to dig through the back of the storage room and pull out the fall bin. I have some yarn-wrapped pumpkins that I have a soft spot for.

While I loved the apple green gourds on the mantel last year, and the beautiful sunflowers our first fall here, I like switching things up.

Over the Years Fall Fireplace Collage

It’s crazy how scary white the downstairs used to be, but I’m definitely pulling out those pumpkins and adding some plants and flowers. We need a little more color this year.

Are you all decorated for fall? Ready for the holidays?  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.



2 thoughts on “Catching Up with Fall

  1. Wow, what a change in the fireplace!! So happy you are finished with the remodeling in that area…….or everywhere! Nope, not decorating, just cleaning up from being gone basically since 6-11-14! Had some branches recently break off in our front yard, so Papa is cleaning that up. Happy, happy, fall!!!!!

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