Ready for Frost

We’ve had a good run weather-wise. Sure, we had double the regular rainfall in October, but no frost. That means, we still have a whole lot of green around here and the confused azaleas are trying to bloom.

All good things must come to an end, so me and the MR did a little tidying up preparing for the start of colder days. On Monday, I decided to cut back the asparagus. It’d already started turning yellow, but was far from dying, so I gave it a little help.


I cut back the long feathery fronds and then decided to use them as mulch to protect the crowns over winter.

Mulched Asparagus

We still have a few beets and carrots in the other bed. Rumor has it that those root vegetables taste even sweeter after a frost. I guess we’ll be able to test that theory.

Listening to the weathermen, the MR added covers to the outside taps and brought in our mini herb garden. The cilantro has died and the basil is looking ratty, but I’m hoping to add them to meals all winter.

Herbs Inside

The apple green pots and planter might be a little bright, but I can always move them to the kitchen window.

With highs in the 40’s and a string of frosty mornings the last few days, it looks like they made it in in the nick of time.

Is your garden ready for winter? Has the cold made it to your part of the world?



4 thoughts on “Ready for Frost

  1. I’d say the cold has arrived. Teens and 20’s here this week, except Monday, which was beautiful 70’s. Expecting snow tonight through the weekend. I have cleared out the Fairie Garden, putting my buildings and accessories away out of the elements, brought some of the plants that can be kept inside.

  2. Ah, the changing of the seasons, always exciting times. So glad that you were able to get all things done, and prepare for winter. We are still getting some new tomatoes, but will take them into the garage this week.

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