Seek and You Will Find

In life, you get what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the good; you’ll find it. And if you’re looking for the bad; you’ll find that as well.

In past years around Thanksgiving time, I’ve searched for different ways to encourage my family to be thankful to God and grateful to those around them for all the good things in their lives. Last year, I settled on the Thankfulness Tree (check it out here), and I decided to revive it again this year.

So the dogs and I went for a walk and chose a few mossy sticks for our “tree”. I plunked them in a vase, pulled out my cards and pens, and waited for my family to get busy. Baby Girl willingly began adding notes here and there; she’s thankful for everything from wool socks to her crazy dogs.

thankful tree 004

But the MR is another story. He’s not really a touchy-feely kind of guy who loves to share his emotions. So the other day while I was making dinner, I gave him a gentle nudge. OK, maybe I was a little obnoxious and gave him a note and a pen and said it was his ticket to dinner. I’m here to tell you gratefulness can be forced.

As I started serving up, I got a little huffy. All he put down was one word; he couldn’t even finish a thought. Oh well, I needed to stop being pushy and just realize it is what it is. The next day, I, the long-suffering wife, saw my failed attempt at strong arming my guy into being thankful, and I picked up the paper and to put it back.

The word I’d carelessly scoffed at was “You”. I read it again, my heart melted, and humbly I added his note to the tree.


My guy is thankful for his crabby, stompy wife, and I missed it, because I was sure he was going to fail. It reminded me that I need to give people the benefit of the doubt and always look for the good in others–especially those I love. If I’m looking for the good, I just might find it.

As we add notes to the tree, I am thankful for my guy, for my sweet girls, for my family near and far, for good friends, for the many ways God has blessed me, and for the lessons I’m still learning.

Thankful Tree

How are you showing thankfulness?



4 thoughts on “Seek and You Will Find

  1. This discovery of your ‘guy’s’ word was breathtaking! I am so proud to be his Mom. His Dad is also a man who does not talk about his feelings, especially when pushed, however he shows his thankfulness for his family in other ways, and it is up to me to look for those ways. You and I have chosen strong, independent men who will never intentionally let us down, and I am so grateful for them. Happy Thanksgiving! MeeMee

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