Rounding Out November

You may have noticed I was MIA last week. Well, it was Thanksgiving, Sweet Miss was coming home, I had mass amounts shopping and cooking to complete; sometimes the blog is just going to have to slide.

So today, I’ll recap posts from the last month, and fill in all the blanks, or at least most of them. I hate for you to fall behind.

With volleyball season ended, I finally got around to Catching Up with Fall and pulling out the decorations. It was too late for Halloween, but a little autumn flavor on the mantel and scattered about adds some fun.

Fall Mantel Collage

We had a string of sunny days this month with the sun low in the sky. While it was in the 30’s outdoors, we were in the 80’s inside. That means those candles held in place with earthquake goop kept falling out of the candlesticks and scaring Baby Girl and I while we were catching up on our favorite TV shows. The candles wound up laying on their side on the mantel–much less visually exciting, but less unnerving as well.

Now that the mantel is 5-feet-tall rather than 7-feet-tall, I don’t feel like I have to use quite so many large items. We decorated for Christmas over the weekend, and I’ve toned that down, too. Don’t worry; we’ll have pictures later this week.

Gifts Abound showcased a few new purchases for the great room, but the best part by far was Dads’ Weekend with the whole family down in Corvallis. Sweet Miss and the MR managed to dump the gift basket over on the way to the pancake feed, but they put it back together nicely, and my pretty basket still raised a lot of money for sick kids along with the pancakes.

Delta Family


Now, we’re moving on to a new feature–Wordless Wednesday. It’s kind of great, and it’s kind of horrible. When nothing’s going on, it’s great to just be able to post a picture. Unfortunately, I seem to always have a lot to say on Tuesday nights when I want to just type my little heart out…

So sunsets this time of year are amazing. They’re also really, really early–at 4:15 pm currently. We just have three more weeks till the days start getting longer again. These short days can be painful, but with sunrise after 7:30 am, I’m wide awake for both, and the sun isn’t kicking me out of bed in the morning.



The next Wordless Wednesday, I cheated. I wrote a caption, but I still ran into problems. With short–often cloudy–days, it’s hard to get a good picture sometimes. Our chair is chocolate-y brown rather than purple. It’s more of a placeholder rather than a chair that you want to sit in every day. It’s fun to look at, and our apple green pillow gives it a boost of color.

sunrise & the chair 006


In another month, the rest of the furniture should be arriving. Exciting times are in the works.

Getting Ready For Frost, I cut back the asparagus and piled the trimmings on top of the crowns. I’m hoping that provides enough insulation to get them through the snow this past weekend and the string of cold days they’re forecasting.

The MR brought in our little deck herb garden. The stand wound up in my sewing room, and the herbs found a home in the kitchen window. It was quite handy to have a great selection of herbs so close for our Thanksgiving feast.

herbs 2

For sage stuffing in our Thanksgiving turkey, I found myself wandering out by the bell in the dark to pick some fresh leaves. Deer don’t eat sage and chives, so we have quite a bit of those herbs growing in the side yard.

Since we’ve redone the floors, we have a bit of an echo problem. You can imagine, I’m quite excited when rugs start showing up. For now, we have to make do with a few smaller ones in the dining room and off to the side seating area.

I love the dining room rug. The 8 x 11-foot size fills the room nicely. The random pattern will help hide spills, and it’s beautiful and thick and luxurious. It’s the Surya Banshee from Being that it’s a wool rug, it’s shedding a bit but that’s normal. Eventually, it’ll stop.

Up Close


The rug that I bought for the dining room a few years ago, was an indoor/outdoor carpet. I named the post Fickle Rug Love, because I felt guilty about abandoning our old rug so quickly. But it was bought to go over beige tile that then turned to gray flooring, and it really looked a lot better with the beige. It’s rolled up in the sewing room for the moment, and I’m going to see how it looks outside on the deck this summer. I haven’t given up on it yet.

The other rug, is a whole different kettle of fish. The interior designers have put together (on paper) a seating area between the office and the main part of the room. It’s set off by a hide rug that me and the dogs love. It just feels so good on your bare feet. We bought it through, but the vendor is Plaid Fox, and it’s a medium brindle rug.

Hide Rug

As I am typing, I look over to see Bogart sitting happily in very much the same spot.

I’ve touched hide pillows and footstools and been put off by the texture. My hands may not like it, but my feet sure do.

I’ve kept up the tradition of the Thankfulness Tree. Seek and You Will Find was a reminder to me to hope for the best in others even when you’re tired or have been disappointed in the past. The other day, Sweet Miss and I read through our thankfulness notes from 2013, and as I was packing up the fall decorations, I tucked the notes from this year in a bag. Next year, we can look back and smile about all the sweet blessings in our lives.

So what else happened this month that I didn’t quite get around to mentioning in the blog? Well, we’ve had windstorms, power outages, flooding, and snow.

IMG_5714 (3)

We picked up Sweet Miss from the train station downtown and headed to the furniture store and then home only to get stuck in traffic with an empty tank of gas–I know how to live life on the edge.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at home with my Bible Study, dog walking, exercise class, yarn tour, long-time buddy and her family plus my dad. It was a small group but fun to catch up with everyone.

Thanksgiving Table

We decorated for Christmas, and enjoyed dinner with my brother and his sweet wife and daughter. We sold the giant granite and wood coffee table that came with the house. On Black Friday, I bought three rug pads to go under the one in the dining room and the two that are on order all from the comfort of my desk chair.

Oh, and somewhere in there, we had the well’s 20-year-old, rusty pressure pump replaced, since the MR noticed that the water pressure was off during the recent power outage.

Congratulations to my niece on the birth of her sweet baby boy and to the MR’s cousin for her new baby boy as well. The family just keeps getting bigger, and life just keeps moving on.

We took Christmas pictures on the deck, and I was amazed to see just how tall my babies are. I know the MR is tall. But Sweet Miss is just a little taller than me and Baby Girl is my size; then I look at the pictures and sigh. My girls are growing up.

How was your November?






One thought on “Rounding Out November

  1. Really a good blog, again. How colorful your home is with all the beauty from the outside coming in the windows. Am loving all the changes inside as well. Can’t wait to see the Christmas tree and decorations. We mostly have not been home most of the year it seems, and now the MR has a bad cold, so nothing much is happening at our house. I will be putting up the “pencil” tree today, and decorating it with huge silk flowers we bought when in Dallas last month. It may be loved so much, it will stay up forever……..being eclectic and all that! Christmas for ever, NOT a bad idea, as we already have one of Santa’s tiny elves sitting on the plastic pom pom tree, from 3 years ago. Yeah for Happy Holidays!!!!!!. MeeMee

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