Spreading the Cheer

Last week, I had an a-ha moment when I looked at the cluttered counters and decided the empty bookshelves above them could use some Christmas love. So I spent an afternoon arranging and rearranging spreading the Christmas cheer.

By removing the everyday gee-gaws, I was able to add a little holiday festiveness to the office area. So cluttered and boring:

Empty Shelves 2

Turned into a whole lot of fun.

Full Bookshelf


We don’t have a toddler anymore, but this nativity puzzle adds some color to the shelves.


We also found a spot for our board books and the classic Santa’s Beard is Fluffy Puffy. I like grouping decorations by theme or by color.

Snowman vignette


One of the bonuses of packing up a few everyday things was being able to get a few more out. Our nativities have been tucked away in a box for the past few years, but this colorful set found its way onto a shelf.

Colorful Nativity


And the nativity my parents made as newlyweds is showcased on the counter.

Mom & Dads Nativity

It was the set me and my brothers would put out each year. I think the shepherd boy lost his head in a particularly vigorous tug of war. A little glue fixed that, and we choose to ignore the odd one-eared sheep. Maybe next year we’ll find a spot with a darker background, so we can show it to the best advantage. I love the sweet memories these old decorations hold.

When I was on the holiday house tour, I saw bookshelves backed with colorful paper for the season. Maybe next year, I’ll be a little more ambitious. We’ll have to wait and see.

Do you have decorations that say Christmas to you? 




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