Vive La Difference

Don’t you love those TV shows where they give chefs some ingredients and everyone makes something totally different and amazing? People are creative and unique; we all have our own way of doing things.

I attended a tea last week, and six of us were tasked with setting a Christmas table. I figured we’d all be sitting down to a bunch of red and white–yes and no. We all have our own ideas of what a Christmas tea looks like.

Tea Collage

When Sweet Miss was home for Thanksgiving, we were decorating for Christmas. She set aside a few boxes of red and silver ornaments to decorate upstairs. I figured she’d swag them around the windows or maybe put them out in bowls. She asked for some fishing line and 3M hooks, and I set it all aside for when she came home from school.

I was shocked the other night when I went upstairs to find this.

Ceiling Swags 1

It was magical, beautiful, and so surprising. I never would have thought of this. What a delight!

Swag Close Up

Who knew simply tying ornaments on fishing line and stringing them from one side of the room to the other could be so pretty and fun?

Row of Balls

A little creativity added a lot of excitement and energy to the hangout room.

Ceiling Swags 3

I should have known she had something special in mind.  The over-sized snowflakes that I hung on the tree last year wound up hanging in windows this year under Sweet Miss’ direction.


It’s fun to see what someone else will do with the same raw materials. Thank you Sweet Miss for sharing your creativity with us.

Any out of the box decorating going at at your house?




3 thoughts on “Vive La Difference

  1. I loved, loved, loved the ‘hang out room’ decorations. So fun and whimsical and beautiful. Not really surprised at her creativity as she has always seemed to ‘think out of the box’. Ever since we moved to NV where the humidity is around 3-20% a ‘real’ Christmas does not last through the holiday season very well, and is practically bear of needles before the ‘big day’. So we have a Charlie Brown 6′ “pencil tree’, or ‘high altitude’ tree. It has always looked cute, albeit sparse in the decoration department. This Nov. when we were at our daughter’s house in TX we went to the big ‘pre-holiday’ sale. at Hobby Lobby, and I bought a bunch of huge silk flowers in white, green and yellow, and stuffed them in the tree with the lights, the crochet snowflakes my Mother made, and the 20′ gold and silver swag pearls. I must say the tree looks divinely ‘funky’. Just our style. Merry Christmas! MeeMee and Papa.

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