Making the Time

Once our kids reached a certain age, the MR started saying we should take the girls fishing. They have salmon charters at a port a few hours drive from here. It’d be a fun weekend outing.

The MR has fond memories of going fishing with his dad when he was growing up. Then I would say that’s a great idea, and life would get busy. The girls had volleyball and soccer, and SAT’s and honors English, friends and dances. A few years would pass, and then we’d have the same conversation again.

“We should take the girls fishing.”

“Yea, we should…”

Sweet Miss is 20, and Baby Girl is applying to colleges and finishing up her senior year of high school. Those special family times are getting fewer and further between.

So this year as we planned what’s becoming an annual trip to Mexico, the MR made some inquiries, sent a few emails, and the fishing trip he’d been talking about for years became a reality.


We took a taxi to the harbor bright and early, bought our fishing licenses, and headed off with the fleet as the sun rose.


Flying fast over the waves of the Pacific, we headed north up the coast and then began our quest. With a captain and a deck hand to bait the hooks, gather the poles and help us bring in the fish, it was a relaxing day for the four of us.

The girls

Sweet Miss was a little put off by the slow rolling of the boat when a fish was on the line; perhaps a little breakfast would have settled her stomach. Baby Girl took honors for the biggest catch.

BG & her fish

While the MR didn’t get a chance at a marlin, we saw whales breach, dolphins leap, and each of us brought in a fish, so I’m calling it a good day. I do love time on the water.

headed home

We were a little disappointed by a mere four fish, but the flags on all the boats proclaiming their day’s catch had us even with the other fishermen.

family & fish

The day ended with a lovely dinner at a local restaurant serving up our fish dinner. And after years of talking about it, we finally made it happen.

Fish Dinner

Too often, opportunities slip past. Before we know it, it’ll just be me and the MR at home with Sweet Miss and Baby Girl making their own way in life. For now, we’re doing our best to make some sweet memories as a family.

Have you been making memories lately?


2 thoughts on “Making the Time

  1. So happy your MR has ‘fond’ memories of fishing with his Dad, and his Grandpa Birum, especially when they went tuna fishing off the coast of California on a,friend’s boat and they caught a huge quantity of albacore “gorilla tuna”! The friend had a charter license and regularly took others out, so he knew just where the ‘big ones’ would be. They had most of it canned, we all ate tuna wonderfully great tuna for years. Life is good, and every day we go about our business making memories……..however, remembering the reason I was going into another room is quickly forgotten.

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