Orders Up

Patience is one of those virtues I struggle with. When Sweet Miss was little, we had this crazy book she loved in which the main character yells “I want them when I want them, and I want them now.” Now that doesn’t look pretty coming from a two-year-old, and it looks even worse on someone my age.

But back in October, we placed an order for some furniture, and we’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. We ordered through Room and Board, and they had this great deal where they’d deliver everything for just $75. We live in the middle of nowhere; we were ordering a lot of pieces; it was a no brainer. Pay the 75 bucks and wait patiently.

But when one of the pieces was on back order, that meant we had to wait for all of the pieces.

Oh but it’s been such a long time. We bought our couch when Sweet Miss was in kindergarten, and now she’s 20. In order to actually have enough furniture to sit on, we’ve been making use of the leather pieces the people before us left behind. It kind of creeps me out to be using all this random furniture from the former owners. I just keep telling myself it was like a really cheap garage sale.

Finally, Friday was the big day. Me and the MR cleared the great room so it looked like a barren wasteland.

Empty Great Room

OK, maybe it wasn’t totally barren. We left a few plants, the little side tables I bought from Dania and West Elm, and the rug, so Little Buddy had somewhere to lay down (he’s picky that way). We also shoved some rather large, random pieces of furniture into corners here and there.

Lonely fireplace Yes, I have a big, green couch in my dining room. Someday, it will find its way upstairs when I’m feeling really strong, or when one of Baby Girl’s friends comes over to help out.

A little after lunch, I received a phone call, and before you could blink your eyes, our great room was transformed. That “white glove” delivery service is amazing. They put all the furniture exactly where I wanted it and took away all the cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam.

Furnitures here

That would be shock registering on Cocoa’s face. We received two couches, two ottomans, two coffee tables, and six chairs, and I was hoping it would look fabulous.

Fireplace seatingTo be honest, I was excited about each and every piece of furniture, but I was also just a little hesitant. What this room needed was a little bit of softness, a bit of color, a little life. A few pillows and a fur throw later, and I breathed a sigh of relief. This was home.

Great Room with pillows & throw

We bought two coffee tables, and set them side by side facing opposite directions. I was worried that the floor wouldn’t be totally flat–it’s not. The MR has added some paper shims under one corner, and once the carpet we ordered arrives, the floor should be much more even.

I like how the interior designers we are working with have successfully created rooms within rooms. This is the perfect place to wrap up in a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. And the swivel chair can turn to be part of the rest of the room or turn the other way to talk to the person on the computer in the office area.

Reading Corner

Me and the MR have always snuggled on the couch when we watched a show on TV, but with the addition of this chair and ottoman, I may be left on my own.

Easy Chair


I have to be honest, I haven’t been joining him on the couch in the mornings this weekend. Instead, I’ve been opting for the oh-so-fancy chaise.

Cozy fur throw


After our new furniture arrived, I realized we were missing a few pieces. Some side tables somehow have fallen through the cracks. No worries, they’ll be here soon. Our custom rugs for the great room and upstairs should be here in the next few weeks, and our new media console is arriving tomorrow.

Before you know it, we’re going to have this house all together. Scale-wise, I think we’re going to have to redo some of the pillows and other accessories, but I’m not ready to do that until we have the carpet in. If it’s really loud, we may want to go with more soothing accessories, and if it’s a little subtle we may need more color. When we painted our last house, we realized a small swatch of color really doesn’t give you the feel for how it’ll all turn out.

The small carpet sample looked great.



I just can’t wait to see it all in place.

We still have the dining room table we bought when I was pregnant with Baby Girl–yes, that would be 18 years ago. And if we buy a new table, we’ll probably have to get new chairs, and the bar stools would be so much more convenient if they swiveled…

I guess our furniture hunt is continuing, but for now, we’re oh-so happy with how far we’ve come.

How was your weekend? Were you super surprised that the Seahawks came back and won? Headed to the Super Bowl two years in a row–AMAZING!



11 thoughts on “Orders Up

  1. I love it, I love it all!!!! Great choices all around. I just can’t get over that now your great room goes clear over to the wall of glass. The fact that there is no ‘walk-way’ because there is no carpet, and no other-color-path, makes it so congenial. I love that you have a swivel chair, something that I have always wanted in the last house two houses. Can’t wait to see how the rug will ‘pull it all together’. Did you have the decorators come and help with the placement? So many sizes, and textures, oh, it is just great! And………nope, I was not at all surprised that the Seahawks won………………..with all those “12th men”, helping them out, it was just wonderful!!!!!!! Looking forward to watching the game with you. Thanks for the great pictures!!

    • MK, you were here the first time we saw this place with it’s crazy green carpet, mauve tile, giant casket-like coffee table, sunken fireplace, collection of cactus, and weird random furniture. We’ve come a long way. I’ll have to find a picture from back in the day. Looking forward to celebrating the Super Bowl with you all. Go Hawks!!

  2. Looks awesome, Kim! Looking forward to seeing what the carpet will add to this room.
    As for the game… wow, still smiling. I know miracles happen and that was one of them.

    • I think our rug will add a touch of softness and color. Poor Bogart didn’t know what to do when we removed the sea of green carpet. He would lay down, get up, move to a new place, and lay down over and over again. The little area rug has given him a spot to rest his old bones. I’m sure he’ll like the new cushy rug, too.

    • Thanks for all the positive comments–I’m feeling the love. Hope all of you will be able to make it out our way before too long. D’Layne, tell Rhiana to play hard so you guys can come out for some soccer this June. Hope to see you then as well Bones for the annual family get-together. Michelle, I’m so jealous of your Seahawks seats–so exciting. You’ve inspired us with your lemon tree; we bought one this weekend. Of course it’s three-feet tall, far from producing, and will be an inside plant. Oh well, this is Washington.

      Lori, you know Seattle is the starting point for all those Alaska cruises. I’m just saying, we’re on the way to big adventures, and the door is always open to friends.

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