Indoor Gardening in the Winter

January is about the time the my thoughts turn to gardening. Usually the ground is mushy, cold, and unworkable, but the seed catalogs are arriving, and I’m dreaming about spring and the bounty we’ll enjoy.

It’s also a great time to check out your local garden center. Every January, I know to swing by Molbak’s for their sale on pots. So me and the MR headed into town to take a look. Remember the corn plants that we moved into the entry? Well, one of them got a little uprooted in the process, and both of them needed more substantial pots.
Corn Plants Gramps Cart

I also wasn’t crazy about the two-tone look. The pots seemed to go together, but side by side they clashed in my mind. So we picked out a few pots in the same color and the MR transplanted them.
New Pots

While we were there, a few houseplants caught our eye. They were also on sale for 40 percent off, so why not? I thought a touch of light in the dark entry would be nice.


It looks great with the other pots and the corn plants. Care instructions say it grows well in a low-light environment, so cross your fingers and hope with us that it’ll thrive.

New Pots & Corn Plants

And after I killed our old orange tree with chili powder, we thought we’d give citrus another go. They didn’t have any satsumas, so we landed on this tiny lemon. Wouldn’t it be something to have our own lemon tree indoors?

Lemon Tree with hidden tag

Now I just have to sit down with the seed catalogs and figure out a plan for outdoors. I’m excited to be going to the garden show in a few weeks with Baby Girl and the FFA students. Last year, I came home with some great ideas.

With mild days in the 60’s, we’ll be spending more and more time outdoors. The trees in the orchard are beginning to bud, so let’s hope for continued warm weather.

Any deals and steals at your local garden center? Do you love looking through the seed catalogs?


4 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening in the Winter

  1. Wow! I’d love to be able to grow a lemon tree inside! Can you let me know how it goes over time – and any tips or tricks! All your indoor purchases look lovely. I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since the last plant show – where does the time go? All the best with the seed catalogs! xoxoxox

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  3. I like the placement of the plants in the entry and that there is a place to sit down to put your shoes on! It is always crazy to have guests take their shoes off and on while leaning against the wall trying to tie them. Thank you for the idea of a foot stool.

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