Check Out January

This month, we talked about the weather, spending time with family, maintenance, and gardening (both indoors and out), but the big news was the furniture.

Our order from Room & Board came in, and we finally have a cohesive look in the great room.

Great Room with pillows & throw

The most oft asked question is whether all those new couches and chairs are comfortable. Well, we tried them all out in the showroom, and our interior designer steered us towards Room & Board because their furniture is comfortable and well-made. That being said, our pieces aren’t as “broken in” as those in the store–after all, it’s been just the three of us rather than thousands of shoppers sitting on them.

We are definitely getting used to our new set-up, and we love the new look. We’ve been able to get rid of the two leather loveseats the former owners left behind through a local trading post and a friend who’s setting up a vacation/retirement home. She’s been sitting on camp chairs, so this is a step up. For more photos, check out Orders Up

We added three new plants inside this month. The Christmas cactus was a lovely gift.

TChristmas Cactus 017he rest were impulse buys when we were out shopping for new pots in Indoor Gardening. But who could resist this cute little guy?



January is a wonderful time of year for foggy mornings and beautiful sunsets. I do love Mount Rainier peaking over the hills. You can check out other weather photos at Fog, Flood, and Fire.



And if you want a really pretty sunrise photo over the ocean, check out our big fishing trip in Making the Time. Baby Girl was quite proud of her catch.

BG & her fish


With the new year, I’ve resolved to get organized. It’ll probably never happen, but I’m working on it. In Getting Maintenance in Order, I talked about setting up an Excel spreadsheet. Did I do it? No, but I do have a nice list of maintenance from the last year listed in the post, plus Lighting It Up gave me something new to add. One of the lights has since stopped working. The MR will have to take a look before I give Alive Electric another call. We’ll have to check and see if his handy trick will work again.

I know the east coast has been having some major blizzards, but not to gloat or anything, it was in the 60’s over the weekend. When you have a clear day in winter, it’s not a bad idea to check out the Winter Garden. You just might find some surprises like this.

Carrots 3


Those carrots I forgot about were busy doing their thing–that means growing into sweet, crunchy goodness without a bit of help from me.

It’s been a crazy mixed bag of stuff for January, and I promise February will be just as random. We have new furniture, the garden show, some sewing and crafting, and plenty of surprises just around the corner.

How has 2015 been treating you?

(By the way, WordPress has changed their format, and frankly I’m struggling with the new interface. Hoping it all goes back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking with me.)


2 thoughts on “Check Out January

  1. Thanks for the photo of the cactus. It looks like it was hanging, so from what is it hanging? Super gift.So good to see you in CA. Fun party.

    • There’s a ledge above where the old TV screen popped down. Two of the cactus sat up there until I made the girls take them to school for the annual plant sale. They were so accommodating and didn’t complain at all about sap on their car roofs or the embarrassment of walking the crowded halls with a giant cactus–aww memories.

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