Sleek & Shiny Washer and Dryer

Now that some of our big projects are complete, we’ve turned our attention to the laundry room with its over 20-year-old washer and dryer.

Old W & D

Do they work? Yes.
Do clothes get clean? I think so.
Are your whites gleaming white? Not so much.
Do they have all the bells and whistles? Nope.
Do they take forever to run through a wash cycle? You better believe it.
Are they a little grungy, a little funky? Yep.

Now the MR doesn’t do the laundry, never has, probably never will. I don’t cut down trees; we all have our gifts. That being said, for whatever reason, our old washer and dryer gave him fits.

So when the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend rolled around last month, we went shopping. The year before we’d checked out a sale at Home Depot, but we had floors, the conversation pit, moldings, carpet, bathroom remodels, and furniture on the agenda for last year. We decided the new appliances could wait.

Another year, another sale, and we were off. The nice lady at the hardware store didn’t seem very informed. Home Depot offers free installation, but with the need for propane conversion rather than natural gas, that whole idea went sideways. With propane, they don’t install the machines, you have to call another company, and deal with them to get your appliances working. When she called this company they couldn’t find the part and seemed basically clueless.

About that time, we put the deal to a halt and decided to think about it. Well, a few days later, the MR checked out Fredreck’s Appliance Center, one of our local stores, where we had purchased the oven, microwave, cooktop, and dishwasher when everything conked out in the first few months here.

Not only could they install a washer and dryer and hook up to propane, they would match the big box store’s price. You gotta love it when the little guy makes good.

So Tuesday, a couple nice fellows installed these beauties in under an hour.

New W & D


We went with the Electrolux front-loading models after checking out service records. I didn’t want the pedestals, since I have great storage above. I was also worried about noise. The pair we had at our old house shook like crazy on their pedestals. I figured a lower center of gravity might help, and I like being able to fold clothes on top and reach the cupboards easily.

I haven’t been doing non-stop laundry for the past few days, but I was shocked at how quickly I can run a load through the washing machine. The MR mentioned one of his new shirts was still a bit wrinkly after I ironed it, so I suggested the steam cycle on the dryer.

I still have a lot to learn about how to run my new toys. Maybe I’ll spend an hour with the instruction manual or just keep pushing buttons and see what happens.

Of course, this is just the beginning. We have a whole list of things to do in the laundry room. We need to paint it–it’s the only room downstairs besides the pantry that hasn’t received a new coat of paint.

We need to figure out a better laundry sorting system. The laundry room has also become the dogs’ room, since they can’t be trusted to behave in the rest of the house. They’ve taken to going through the little laundry bags, chewing up the frames, and tearing up the socks and underwear. Don’t you just love them?

Vacuum 2

Maybe we need to extend the cabinets to the floor, so we can hide the vacuum cleaners and have a place for brooms and mops, and a sorting system behind closed doors.

We also have been having a bit of a problem with the dogs opening the pocket doors, getting into the trash, and lounging on the new furniture. The MR bought a hook and eye; maybe that will keep them locked up when I’m out and about. They just don’t know how good they have it.

I’ve been checking out Houzz and Pinterest to get some sorting/storage ideas.

How do you handle sorting at your house? Do your pets drive you batty? 

(Cocoa likes to chew the corners off my throw pillows when I’m out. She’s lucky she’s cute.)




4 thoughts on “Sleek & Shiny Washer and Dryer

  1. Oh wow, so beautiful and sleek and functional. We have Electrolux oven and microwave, love them! Do you think the dogs would like it better in the laundry room if they had a small window?

    • Well, of course they’d like a window and maybe some frilly curtains, too. They’re just going to have to want. The MR put up a hook and eye on the pocket door yesterday. When we got home, they were happy and safe where they belonged not bingeing on trail mix and ruining their glossy coats with gum. Life has gotten a little less stressful.

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