Color Underfoot

While we like our new floors, all that gray can feel a little cold, so we’ve anxiously been anticipating the arrival of the area rug for the great room.

It was ordered and paid for months ago, but Christmas and bad weather delayed it. So when I got the email that it was in and ready for delivery, I was ecstatic. The great room would be complete.

Last weekend after family movie night, the MR and Baby Girl moved the furniture aside, and the next morning I rolled out the rug pads. Then I’d just have to wait for the delivery men, right?

Rug PadNot so much. When I ordered the rug pad, the company didn’t mention that they would be sending the pad in two pieces–surprise. And when they were packaging up the rug pads, they didn’t tell me that they’d wrapped up one half by itself and the other half with the smaller pad that would be going upstairs.

Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I started early and decided to unroll the pads, find the problem, and lug unwieldy  pads up and down the stairs. I got my workout that morning.

Me and the dogs also made the trek to the top of the driveway to set up a sign with our name, address, and an arrow. This has made deliveries so much simpler.

Next thing you know, the delivery men had arrived, unrolled the carpet and I was pleased as could be. About that time, our designer showed up and started measuring and tweaking. The fellows had to roll up the rug, rearrange the pad and move the carpet six inches that way and then two inches this way.

Then this pretty, little woman had those men moving my furniture all back in place. It was totally worth paying to have her come out and be in charge. Too often, I tend to be satisfied with almost right, just to go back and fix it myself later.

Once downstairs was to her satisfaction, we moved upstairs. The MR had said to just have the guys carry the carpet up and that we’d take care of it. But after I saw them make short work of the furniture placement, I decided to let them go to town upstairs, too.

How does it look? I know you’re done reading about movers and want to see pictures. Well, a little carpet can totally pull a room together.

Great Room with Carpet from Dining Room

I had a floor plan with furniture placement carefully detailed, but our designer came out and totally fine-tuned the arrangements.

Great Room From Office

The orange in the carpet is reading brighter than in real life. It’s more of a subdued rust–not anything like the crazy orange flooring we had to live with for a weekend last fall. (Remember Orange is the New Green?)

Here’s a closer look. The carpet adds color and movement.

Great Room Closer

You may be wondering why we bothered with carpet for the girls’ hangout room. Well, it was a custom carpet requiring an order minimum. After making the rug for the great room, they would have enough leftover for another rug to be made. So we got two for the price of one–sort of. Basically it was going to cost the same no matter what, and this way we’d at least get more for our money.

With all the new furniture downstairs, the hangout room has certainly received an upgrade.

Upstairs Now 3


We’re still in the process of deciding whether to keep the undersize leather ottoman or the oversized ottoman that Cocoa ate Skittles on. Maybe we’ll get rid of both and keep the square tables clustered in the middle as a coffee table. The tables are a lot easier to move out of the way for video games and easy to keep clean.

Back in the great room, are we finished? Sadly, no. Take a look at the seating area by the fireplace.

Fireplace Seating 2


It’s totally lacking in warmth. Maybe I should have picked the darker gray leather for the chairs, but it’s too late now. The pale leather coupled with the light marble is just reading so cold.

I don’t know if we need a runner or a small area rug. We just don’t have a lot of room in this area, and it’s a well-used pathway from our bedroom to the kitchen.

Fireplace Seating from afar


Would a tan rug offer enough color or should I go with something in rust?

And then when the designers came up with the floorplan, I was concerned about the corner between the office and the main seating area. That’s where we now have the swivel chair and hide rug. Well, somehow I overlooked the same empty triangle between the dining room and the great room.

Blank spot between rooms with carpets for perspective


That’s 11-and-a-half feet of empty space–not that every square inch has to be full. But does it look balanced with the rest of the room? I may be moving the flower chair from my room–where it is totally the wrong color–out to this stretch of window.

I could move a few of the plants from one side of the room to the other and fill in a little of the emptiness.

Anyways, as you can see, we still have changes to make. Our designer was telling me they have worked with some clients for over five years just getting all the details in place.

I don’t have the patience for that, but I’m happy with the direction we’re headed.

What do you think of the new rug? How would you warm up the fireplace seating area?




9 thoughts on “Color Underfoot

  1. Oh my goodness, the rug is perfect for both the great room as well as the ‘hang out’ room!! And the placement of the rug does indeed give ‘reason’ for the placement of the furniture. I am liking the idea of a rust ‘fluffier’ carpet under the chairs in front of the fireplace, and that would leave an automatic walkway to the other side of the room.
    This is what I am thinking is a possibility in the ‘no man’s space’ in between the living room and the dining room. Okay, you know how you enjoy starting your plants under the grow lights in your dining room, on top of the pictures of a young Katie and Alyssa, I am also thinking that getting a ‘bank of growing plants’ rather like a waist high credenza with a sunken top of lined metal, to put your plant starts in the spring, and then your small house plants, in same size pots, or displaying the lovely flowers you like to buy each week at the grocery store, or boxwood type and size greenery etc. Rather like an ever changing ‘cluster of color’. You do have a ‘working house’ and in that area of the house is the best place for your love a gardening. The credenza gives a feeling of continuity and formality to go along with the rest of the room, but allows you an easier way, and closer way, to do what you love to do. Since the plants would not necessarily be ‘planted’ in the credenza, the plants could be ever changing for the ‘scenes’ you like to create on the dining room table. Just a thought, but you did seem to like the ‘stuff’ we have surrounding our leather couch. Also, there would be a bit of ‘happening’ in a center that needs color, but would not have to have a rug under it for possible an odd effect that rug would make. It could also sit on on hidden wheels so when you need more room for larger parties, it could be moved behind the couch, or in front of your photo gallery in the entrance etc. Just a thought.
    Final bit of advice……………..check it out with your fabulous decorator!! Love MeeMee

  2. It looks SO good! Love the new carpet..and placement! 😉 and I like talking decorating “dilemmas”! 🙂

    Initial thoughts based on the pics…
    A runner under the chairs would be nice rusty natural or a tan with a green undertone. Something textural but not necessarily plush. I’d try testing the rusty orange pillows from the sofa on the chairs. That would add color. Consider switching the marble hexagon tables out for a wood stump type table. It would still fit your style, but wood adds warmth…and color! Also, add wood to the mantel rather than the silver which is colder. As for the open triangle, what about a tall tree? Just don’t push it up to the wall, pull it into the room a few feet.

    Hope to see it in person sometime…it looks like a fun design! 🙂

  3. The new rug really adds a pop of color. Love the movement and lines. I would try some kind of green rug that would pull from the colors in the picture on the wall and the pillows on the couch. Great job!

    • Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and all the advice. I’m on the hunt for some new pillows (a little shorter so they don’t break the line of the back of the chairs), a rug (the MR suggested round, but I think a 4×10 runner would work better and give us more options), and some warmer accents for the mantel. I’ve already put away the silver vase until next Christmas (it looks a lot better with a bunch of Nutcrackers). I’m back and forth on the throw. We have a wool throw on the reading chair, a fuzzy throw on the chaise, would a third throw be too much? And spring is coming–the time when blankets get packed away.

      Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

      More than 150 view over the last few days; thanks for checking in at the Big White House on the Hill.

  4. Stopped by after seeing your blog mentioned by Teddy & Tottie. Hello! 😊. I could not offer an opinion about the colors because I could not get past the amazingly gorgeous windows!! Just beautiful.

    • Thanks for dropping in. The windows coupled with the view of the mountains and the river valley are certainly what captured our fancy. While we love all the light they provide, it can get a little hot even in our gloomy part of the world. We are blessed.

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