Bloopers & Blunders

Do you ever find yourself talking to someone, and realize hey, that’s my life? That’s happened to me.

I had one of those moments down in California when we were talking about bathroom remodels, and the MR’s cousin mentioned that she didn’t want the bathroom mirror to fall off and shatter on the floor. That’s when I said oh-yeah, that happened to us.

Well, not exactly, but kind of, and why are you just hearing about it now? Crazy, odd, unusual stuff goes on around here all the time; it just doesn’t make it into the blog when cool, fun, exciting stuff is happening.

So–disappointing though it may be–today’s post isn’t earth-shattering. It’s just a collection of weirdness that probably wouldn’t make it into the movie, but it’ll at least make you smile and shake your head.

Let’s talk about bathroom mirrors. Me and the MR were going over to friends for game night, and I popped into the powder room to check my hair before we headed out.

At least I tried to, that is. I couldn’t open the door, something was blocking it, what was going on? We’d had my brother, his wife, and a dozen or so teens spend the night. Maybe they’d had a problem with the door or the lock?

No, not so much, the 3×8-foot mirror had detached from the wall and was wedged against the other wall blocking the door. The MR was able to maneuver it of the way for the evening.

Mirror in Hall

We had lots of reflections in the hall for a while, and modern art in the bathroom.

Glue on Wall

A little mirror glue, and everything was back to normal.

Mirror Back in Place


What saved us from seven years of bad luck? All those crazy corners in the bathroom kept the mirror from falling. If this room had simple 90-degree angles, we’d have been in trouble. Who knew an 11-sided room would come in handy?

Just last week, we had another exciting adventure–one I would forgo at any length. The smoke detector in the master bedroom went off.

For 15 minutes, we heard “EVACUATE, EVACUATE, SMOKE IN MASTER BEDROOM!” No, there wasn’t smoke in the master bedroom. Yes, I opened all the doors and windows and turned on the industrial fans.

At first, I tried to turn off the alarm system, but no lights were blinking; it wasn’t that. Next I went to get the ladder. Setting it up as an A-frame is no problem, but I hadn’t used it as an extension ladder before.

I was thankful my friend and housekeeper was there to help before I totally lost my mind. Once the ladder was in place, I had to climb 12 feet up and rip the silly smoke detector off the ceiling.

Ladder with arrow

The MR told me to throw it into the bushes, but Kathy suggested just removing the batteries. That seemed the wiser choice. Sometimes we need to hear a voice of reason.

Finally, we have sun issues around here. We get a lot of sun in the house resulting in heat, glare, and fading. I’ve had people out to talk about solar films and blinds options, but we’ve never felt comfortable moving forward.

Then I was redoing a pillow replacing the pillow form with a new softer version. That’s when I noticed this.


The inside of the pillow (the top half) is so much more vibrant after just a short time. With all that new furniture, we need to do something to protect it.

So I had a lady from Blind Alley in Bellevue come out to take a look. The MR had seen some angle-topped shades that looked sleek. Unfortunately, to have motorized blinds for our top windows, we have to have a fixed portion at the top of each window with an additional bar for the blinds themselves.

Here’s my simple attempt at showing what it would look like–don’t ask me what happened on the right-hand side.

Window Shade

It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but I just don’t like all the busyness. It goes from one sleek line, to all these broken up, stair-stepped bits.

I think it’s time to call the window film people. Maybe blinds just on the lower windows would be a better option. We’ll have to wait and see what the bid comes in at.

Does your life feature random weirdness? What do you think about the shades?



3 thoughts on “Bloopers & Blunders

  1. Well, I hate to say it but, as I said in your last blog “you do live in a working house”, and fading of the new furniture and rug, is not an option. I’d certainly look into the film before I’d look into shades…………….but then, maybe the shades are better than the film, like when you see it on car windows, and it gets all bubbly. Ugh! So……………..I really don’t have any clue as to which way to go especially since I do not know what the options are ‘out there’. Nope, our house is calm and serene all the time :o) MeeMee Hummmmmmmmm

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