Looking Back on February

In February, we talked a little gardening, a little design, added some new appliances, and mixed in the bumps of real life. It sounds like an average month around here.

The most visible change we made was the addition of a large, striped area rug in the great room.

Great Room with Carpet from Dining Room

It adds color and warmth and cohesion. I’m still on the hunt for some pillows and a 4×10 runner next to the fireplace. For the whole story check out Color Underfoot.

Working with a designer had a lot of bonuses along with a few problems which I talked about in Now What Was It Like?.  We received a lot of great advice and wound up with a room we really love. That being said, as the expert, I expect you to have down all the details like where to place outlets and picking furniture that is the proper size for the space. If you say your ordering pieces or will offer suggestions on particular situations, you do it. I appreciate follow through.

Veritable Workhorses showcased all the lovely new end tables we’ve sprinkled around the room. In hopes of warming up the fireplace area, I rearranged a little and swapped some darker tables for the white, marble hex tables.

Dark Tables by the Fireplace

That’s one nice thing about our new furniture: it’s very mix and match.

While the rug and tables added a lot of beauty to our home, the Sleek & Shiny Washer and Dryer brought a lot of functionality. I can run a load of laundry in one-third of the time it used to take me. It’s been only a few weeks, but so far so good. Those Electrolux beauties are great.

This month also brought a return to gardening. We have blossoms in the orchard–It’s Starting

Plucot Blooms

The discovery of flowers by the tennis court made me wonder what plans the former owners had for the neglected hillside above it.

My tulips are just as striking as the ones found at the Flower and Garden Show

Purple Tulips

Romance Blossoms featured some beautiful romantic settings along with great garden design ideas. Remember the blown-glass art mixed with beds of flowers?

Bicycle Picnic

I think I might just throw a garden party so I can try my hand at making these lovely centerpieces. Don’t they just shout spring?

bark container tableau

Sometimes I’m talking to someone and they’ll say how beauiful my house is and how wonderful my life must be… Bloopers and Blunders was my attempt at a reality check.

We have a lovely home and a good life, but we also battle all types of weirdness living in the middle of nowhere in this crazy place. How many of your dogs brought you a mole for Valentine’s Day? Let’s just say it’s not all glamorous.

How was your February? I’m thinking March is going to be even better.

(Note: The MR worked at home today. That means I had to wait till he was finished with the desktop computer before I could add pictures or links. Thus we are about 10 hours behind. Oh well, have a great weekend.)



5 thoughts on “Looking Back on February

  1. What a stroke of genius to put the darker tables between the 2 white chairs in front of the fireplace!! Completely brightens up that area, especially with the colorful pillows. Good job. Our February was very busy, starting off with your and your MR celebrating his birthday, and then cleaning the garage getting ready for my annual garage sale March, 14th, and your Mr’s sister and son coming here the same week, and having 2 meetings of 25+ women, stuff like that. Fun and even more fun. MeeMee

  2. Hi Big White House On The Hill,

    My name is Ashley, and I work for Twin Pines Landscaping out of Massachusetts! We really enjoy your blog, and think you have some great content in regards to gardening and landscaping! We would love to get connected and share more ideas! Feel free to check out our blog here http://twinpineslandscaping.wordpress.com/ or “Like” us on Facebook here http://on.fb.me/1pkI2Bq to get an idea about who we are and what we do! Thanks so much and we look forward to getting connected!

    Ashley & The Twin Pines Landscaping Team

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