Work with What You’ve Got

Sometimes you have to learn to work with what you’ve got.

Take Baby Girl for instance. She’s always had a ton of hair.

BG and Bunny10082014_0000


She was just born with it.

BG and Berries10082014_0000

And somewhere along the line, her hair has turned really, really curly. She could fight all that volume with straighteners and creams, but instead she’s just embraced it.

Her hair is what it is–big, curly, and gorgeous. (Yes, I am her mother; it’s my job to say those kind of things.)


My sweet lovely girls on our recent trip to Mexico.

Now that brings us to the point of my story. I have a hard time passing up a bargain. OK, it’s a stretch, but stick with me it’ll all make sense.

So when I saw furry green yarn at the dollar store, I immediately scooped up a half dozen skeins. The girls were little. Wouldn’t it make a great scarf?

Furry Yarn


I tried knitting with it; I tried crocheting with it; this was the most difficult yarn I’d ever worked with. What was I thinking? This was no bargain.

Five or six years go by, and I still have this silly yarn sitting in a drawer. But last summer I saw a great stuffed lamb at a local yarn shop and pulled it out. I bought the pattern Puff by CiD Hascom on Ravelry and got busy.

Pairing it with another yarn gave it a little more body, but it was still tricky to work with. After I finished this little guy, I was done.puffThen it hit me; I was going about this all wrong. I was trying to make some crazy novelty yarn act like regular yarn. This was never going to work. I needed a new plan.

I switched to a simple openwork pattern and whipped up this little blanket in no time.

BoboI mean this sweet little blanket.

Fuzzy BlanketYou don’t know how many pictures I have to retake, because the dogs are fascinated by my work. If I spend that much time on it, it must involve food, right?

Oh well, Bogart seems to approve.

Bogart Checking out the action


Life might be easier if we didn’t have quite so many windows, if our house wasn’t all strange angles, if we weren’t perched on a hillside–baby, it is what it is. You’ve just got to deal.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll wind up with something amazing. Just look at Baby Girl.

Fighting any losing battles lately? How do you learn to embrace life? Do I have to change BG’s nickname when she turns 18 in a few weeks?




5 thoughts on “Work with What You’ve Got

  1. I agree with Kristi, BG will always be your little girl. Your MR, and his sister will always my ” baby boy and girl” and they are in their 40s! Waste not finally got the best of you and the lamb and the blanket are wonderful. Just how big is the blanket, and where will it’s place be? Perhaps Bogart has fallen in love with it.

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