The Best Laid Plans

I had posts for this week all laid out. I took pictures on Monday, and wouldn’t you all be so surprised with the updates? Then workers didn’t show.

Our project had slid for a week. That’s OK; we’re not in any hurry.

We’ve been having lovely weather, so me and the MR were outside watching the sunset, when the driveway alarm went off. Was someone here? No. Then it went off again, and again, and again.

The MR studied up; apparently, when the battery starts to wear out, the alarm just goes off randomly–lovely. So he ordered a battery, replaced it, and yesterday I found myself scrambling onto counters unplugging strange devices as the dogs barked wildly for phantom visitors.

The MR’s simple “Why’d you unplug the doorbell?” was met with only a little hair-pulling, crazy ranting. We have a new driveway alarm on order.

Meanwhile, I’d set up a lovely vignette, I had a lyrical post written in my head, you guys were going to love it. Hmm, the battery was dead in the camera (for the second time this week), my phone battery was dead, my Nike fuel band was out of power, I’m seeing a pattern.

We’re in some kind of electronic vortex where everything’s going to blow up this spring. I’m over-reacting a little, but can’t some things just go right?

So here’s a little something I’ve been waiting to post for a while. Remember when I bought a 4×4 print last fall and wanted to hang it by the TV in the master bedroom? Two large blobs on the wall, were a bit much, so it found a home over the bathtub.

Well, that was months ago, and I’ve been looking for more art for our room. We needed something besides just a big old TV.

Misc 003


I watched and waited until this piece came along. With a low-tech hammer and nail, the MR had it on the wall in a jiffy.

Misc 005


I’ve been holding off sharing this with you, since I’d really like to have more. We could add some black-and-white drawings, architectural plans, family pictures, botanical prints, the list is endless.

For now instead of a gallery wall, I’ll have to be satisfied with this.

Misc 004


I could just go out and buy a bunch of random stuff to fill the space, but I’d rather have art that holds meaning and reminds me of special times. This may take awhile.

Now on the positive side, my new washer and dryer whipped through a mountain of laundry yesterday. Sweet Miss and her fella came home from Oregon for the weekend–I do love those two. And I made gluten-free brownies that are amazing; I think browning the butter is the key.

Next week, my camera will be up and running, I’ll wow you with my wonderful find, and you’ll be amazed by our next big project–be prepared.

(You can check out our other master bedroom art here or here or even here.)


3 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Well, while I really do like the addition of the new painting next to the TV, that wall is huge, and both your girls are ‘known to be’ artists. What about buying some very, very large canvas and let them do ‘their thing’ on it like they did in the ‘hang-out’ room? Also you have all those lovely Senior Graduation photos taken of Sweet Miss a few years ago, and have been living in a box on your coffee table. What about framing them, then when BG graduates, with her own set of Senior Graduation photos, she too can be part of the family. I feel your pain with appliances going kaput. I was merrily vacuuming the house with our wonderful ‘central vacuum’ and all of a sudden it went “whoosh” and then the suction stopped. Great, I thought I have sucked up something huge and now it is stuck somewhere in the wall leading to the canister sequestered in the garage. Well, nothing was in the wall nor the canister because……………the whole bottom of the canister was gone!! Just disintegrated all over the garage, along with the dust already in it. Naturally because the house is over 20 years old (you can relate to that) so was the wonderful central vacuum, and the company is no longer in business. So like you, we have ordered a brand new complete central vac, which is coming next week. Papa says he can put it together by himself, but just in case your MR’s sister and son are coming Monday through Thursday, and then Friday morning 28 friends are bringing their ‘stuff’ over for my Garage Sale on Saturday. I am looking forward to a very eventfully fun week!! Happy Spring!!

    • Good luck with the garage sale and new vacuum MK. I’m not sure we’re ready for the spatter-paint canvasses of yore, but I do like the idea of putting up more family pics. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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