Piling Up

My dad just got home from a visit to Kansas and Missouri. He held his new great-grandson, watched my brother’s boys play basketball, and shot guns with my uncle and cousin. Sounds like the midwest.

At my uncle’s house, they had a pile of snow in front of the garage. While the rest of the country has been dealing with winter storms, we’ve had beautiful weather. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a few piles of our own.

Piles & House

Ours are just mulch and gravel. I’ve been waiting around to show you these babies–not that they’re that cool and exciting in and of themselves–but because they’re the start of something great. Unfortunately, so far, all we have is piles and pallets.

Pallet Piles & House 3

The piles arrived on Tuesday, the pallets on Thursday. I heard a diesel engine Thursday morning when I hopped out of the shower. After I was dressed, I received a text from the MR not to talk to the driver. Apparently, there was some kind of mix up, and he drove down the driveway not knowing he wouldn’t be able to turn around in his big rig. These things happen.

We were talking about it later that evening, and I told the MR I wasn’t sure why they needed such a big truck for three pallets. Obviously, I hadn’t been around the corner.

Plus Pallets

Since I can’t show you big exquipment at work just yet, I figured I’d outline the plan. We have a great house for parties and big gatherings with really bad parking. While the hill drops off sharply near the house, it’s much more gentle towards the end of the  blacktop. So we’re going to add a retaining wall to make room for a lawn and overflow parking. We’ll say goodbye to the helicopter pad, since we don’t have a helicopter, don’t know how to fly one, and probably never will. We’ll add some steps down to the underside of the house and the tennis court/garden areas, and extend the flower bed by the deck adding one by the scrubby stump.

I know clear as mud right? Maybe this will help a litte. Here’s what we have.

Edge perspective

Here’s my yard mock up. Now remember, I’m a writer not an artist.

Mock Up I’ve got the wall, more grass, curved steps–you get the idea. For now, we simply have new garden art.

Piles & bell


Patience my friend. It’s going to be great.

With spring just a few sweet days away, what are your plans?


6 thoughts on “Piling Up

  1. Wow!!!!!!! It is going to be sooooo beautiful, plus functional. So happy and the “ideas just keep coming and coming and coming”

  2. You are going to wait for Uncle Larry it’s too hot in Mesquite , Seattle should be just right, I could help as a supervisor but the dirt is too soft and I would spend all my time getting g unstuck but you and  Mary could handle that end.

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