It’s Time to Move On

Do you remember Y2K? It was just yesterday when civilization as we knew it was going by the wayside. All our electronics were going to fail, and we would live like pioneers. Only all that doomsday talk was wrong.

I remember it so clearly. That was the year I was going to outline all of the beds in the garden with parsley just like at my dream garden Villandry. (Well, they actually used box wood, but I couldn’t afford that.) I still have the unopened seed packet of parsley to prove it.

Sometimes I can hold on to things for a long time. While the MR could probably name quite a number of things, today we’re focusing on seeds.

You see around President’s Day, I was totally inspired to start some seeds indoors on my seed starting table (aka: china hutch). We had such good luck with tomatoes and broccoli last year that I decided to get some of each started right away. Our garden was going to be awesome. I had seeds in my little box out in the garage; we were set.

For the last month, the light over the seed tray has popped on at 5 am. Then my seeds have received uninterrupted light for the next 14 hours. They should be thriving, lush, green. I’m sure they would be if they ever decided to sprout.

Seed Set up

What in the world is the problem? Do I have bad dirt again? I’ve been keeping the soil damp, they have plenty of light, and it’s a nice fluffy seed starting mix. Perhaps time has gotten away from me. I took a look at the packets.

Seed Packets

The broccoli was packaged for 2010, and the tomatoes were for 2009 and 2007. In all honesty, it doesn’t seem all that long ago. I mean they’re for the new millennium, right? Then I got to thinking. I’ve been going through old photos for Baby Girl’s senior slide show.

These are my sweet girlies in ’07, ’09, ’10, and this past December.
Girls Collage with Dates

I guess 2007 was a while ago considering that Baby Girl will be 18 on Thursday. You read about archaeologists that discover seeds in ancient tombs, and they’re still viable (the seeds not the archaeologists). I guess I’m not at that level.

Neither here nor there, it’s time to purge some of those old seeds. Let’s be real, my garden will never rival Villandry’s kitchen garden. Oh, but a girl can dream.

Maybe the MR will take me to France, so I can be inspired once again.

Until then, the peas that were planted just a few days after President’s Day are sprouting.

pea sprouts

All two of them. I’m holding on to those small victories and I’ve decided to support the FFA plant sale, the senior center plant sale, the Friends of the Library plant sale–just about anyone since I can’t start seeds worth a darn. 

It’s only March and I’m already struggling. The bonus is, it can only get better. How are your garden plans? 

 For those of you wondering here’s a link to Villandry.  It’s truly amazing.


6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Move On

  1. You sound discouraged about your sprouts. I think your plan of letting others start your plants, and supporting those businesses, is a great idea. This way, your beautiful photos on the dining room hutch/seed sprouting table won’t have to be covered, and others will be blessed with your money from your purchases. It is a win, win for everyone……and no frustration for you.

    • I have spinach seeds from 2011 I might give a try, but it’s time to purge those old seed packets and give up on those dreams. I like supporting our local groups, and I’ll be stopping by the local garden center in a bit for some seed potatoes and onion sets.

      I just like the control you have when you pick a specific variety of plant to grow from seed. I really wanted purple broccoli and knobby pumpkins once upon a time.

      You’re right it’s all good. Didn’t you love the photos of our sweet girls?

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