Sweet Moments

The sun has been rising all my life, and most of the time it goes by without my notice. 

God paints a masterpiece each morning without fanfare, and I’m too tired, too busy, too preoccupied to see. 

This house brings the beauty front and center stopping me in my tracks. 

Hoping you take time to enjoy the sweet moments. 


7 thoughts on “Sweet Moments

  1. Yesterday I hosted a huge garage sale to raise money to give $500 scholarships to local women of all ages wishing to further their education. I had lots of help from my P.E.O. sisters, the day was perfectly sunny, and lots people came and bought, and at noon when it was over, the Catholic Church Thrift Store came and took all our left overs away to their store. I was overwhelmed with love for my friends, my repeat customers, my neighbors tolerating all the cars that crowd into our cul d sac, and the small community we live in, so friendly and safe. Plus we raised enough to give 3 scholarships!! Praise be to God!!

    • Sounds like a wonderful day. You held a garage sale 18 years ago, the weekend Baby Girl was born. Maybe her birthday brings you luck. It certainly brings us joy.

      Glad you and your PEO sisters are able to change lives.

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