The Garden Awakens

Spring is a time filled with excitement. The MR comes in after working outside to tell which of the trees in the orchard are about to bloom.

While my indoor seedlings have failed to start, I was able to share with you the newly sprouted peas in the garden. Ah, but that was last week. When I received a cryptic text from the MR, “Do you have slug bait out in the garden?”

I knew there was trouble–my peas are stubs. I don’t know if it was slugs or fat bunnies feasting on my plants, but I’ve set to work to stave off both.

I recently read that plastic forks will keep bunnies out of the garden, so I scattered some Sluggo and set out some forks. The MR added a fresh layer of chicken wire around the outside fence. Now we’ll just have to wait and see. It could be too little too late, but I’m still hoping for peas this year.

Stick a fork in it

All is not lost. After doing my best for my lost seedlings, I turned to take a closer look at the asparagus bed. The bits of mulch had mostly blown away over the winter, and now with warmer weather, I cleared away the piles surrounding my asparagus clumps. They hadn’t looked too promising even last week, but lo and behold, the asparagus survived. Look at these almost perfect tiny spears.

Asparagus Spear

These buds are so hearty, I wonder what they will turn out to be.

Fat buds

After two years of waiting, we’ll finally get to enjoy some fresh asparagus from our own garden. I’m loving the idea of perennial vegetables. I don’t even have to think about what to put in that half of the bed, and critters seem to be leaving it alone. Now let’s hope for a few more stalks, so we’ll have enough for the whole family.

more buds


Have you tried your hand at growing perennial vegetables? Any tips or tricks?


5 thoughts on “The Garden Awakens

  1. We have a small asparagus bed, but the tasty treats rarely make it to the kitchen as they are quickly nibbled by my wife, my daughter and me as we explore the garden and yard. 🙂

  2. How beautiful your asparagus is! I have planted potatoes and 3 kinds of cherry tomatoes. The last 2 days we had company from WA and they showed us how to make the perfect bean tee-pee. You could lean yours against the tennis court. Make sure to make it tall enough to walk into. Between the poles secure metal fencing that I call ‘cow fence’. (the squares are about 5-6″ square. This is what your beans will climb on, and because it is a leaning tee-pee, the beans will grow and hang from the vines and the beans themselves will hand down into the center of the tee-pee for easy picking. I will ask Sue to email a picture of their’s. Easy-peasy!

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