It’s Been a Great Week

We’ve been having fun around here. It hasn’t been a good blogging kind of week, but it’s been a great living kind of week.
Baby Girl turned 18, and Sweet Miss came home for spring break. In my book, that’s enough to make it a banner week, but of course there’s more.
The girls
Last Friday, we visited a tattoo parlor–a first for me–so Baby Girl could get her nose pierced. I thought it was a sister’s kind of outing, but when they invited me along, how could I say no?
On Sunday, we surprised BG with tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Sweet Miss wanted to blindfold her, and the MR wanted to just tell her, but then BG came up with the best solution unwittingly. She started talking about going to the movies after church, and we all agreed. We piled in the car early, so we could go to the hardware store before hitting the movies–wink, wink. The best part was when we pulled into the parking lot, and Baby Girl says in surprise, “This isn’t Home Depot.” It was a magical afternoon.
Monday featured a marathon shopping trip in town. We added some lovely spring items to our wardrobes, and Baby Girl found her prom dress. We met up with the MR for dinner and hit a few more shops on the way home.
Wednesday, I had a presentation in the morning, and then after school we were off to the movies for real this time. Then Sweet Miss has been longing for my burgers. The secret is Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Last night, me and the MR went to a fancy dinner sponsored by a local winery where we’re members. We enjoyed fabulous food paired with very nice wine and caught up with sweet friends. That brings us to today. Papa Willy along with my brother and sister-in-law are headed over for dinner, and Sweet Miss wants to fit in one last trip to the mall.

We’ve been lucky. Baby Girl had to work three nights this week, and Sweet Miss has caught up with friends a few nights. All this running around is wearing me out–it’s been a long time since I was 20.

Like I said, it’s been a living week not a house week. We did have a repairman here Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ve been enjoying brisk–sometimes icy cold–showers lately. Apparently, an animal has been in our heat pump and done it’s business on some of the circuits. The repairman will be back.

Yesterday at 5:56 am, the MR started texting me from under the house in the well room–my phone was on silent, because some people like to sleep at night–that can make others a little crabby. Anyways, after he burst into our bedroom, turned the shower on full blast, and started demanding a thermometer, I did wake up. Water at the well was 104-degrees, but up here it was around 100. In the upstairs shower it was even cooler. The MR did some adjusting, and Baby Girl had the first warm shower in weeks today.

After a string of rainy days, yesterday was beautiful. Checking on my garden left me blue. The pea shoots have been plucked out of the ground. If it’s not slugs, it’s bunnies or birds. The MR added more wire to the fencing around the garden; maybe it’s time for netting?

Today, I’ll leave you with our latest mantel bouquet. I hopped through the puddles this week and picked a few lonely blooms. Together they add a little springtime color and cheer.



We say goodbye to Sweet Miss tomorrow as she heads back to school. It’s been a good week.

How was yours?


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Great Week

  1. We too had a very fun week. An old friend and her husband visited us for the first time in our home and stayed a couple; of days. We showed them around town and sat out on the patio in the sunshine……….they too are from WA and doing that in March was a real treat for them. We planted 3 types of cherry tomatoes, a zucchini, a watermelon and I moved some flowers that had become way too bunched in their planter, to the ground so they could spread out. My garage sale last weekend was the best ever and raised enough money to give 3 women scholarships to further their education. Next week we have planned a night of camping in our car with our ‘logical’ daughter and family in Zion however, you cannot make reservations in advance, so IF there is no room they will come here, camp out, in our back yard and we will go hiking on our mesa and possibly go feed the wild, and rescued, burros More details as they unfurl..

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