March–Taking It All In

You can find it all at the Big White House on the Hill.  We share decorating, gardening, organizing, philosophy, and life. I was sure March would hold big changes, but instead it’s been pretty low-key despite the lack of hot water, wasps in the roof, mice in the heat pump, and pallets full of stones waiting to be placed. I did manage to organize under the kitchen sink; it’s the small victories I hold on to.

Sometimes I have plans and ideas that just don’t jive with reality. I need to learn to Work with What I’ve Got whether it’s really fuzzy yarn or crazy hair. As you can see, we’re pretty heavy thinkers around here.



And guess what? We wouldn’t have it Any Other Way.

Daphne & Sign Up Close


I went with Baby Girl on her senior picture shoot–if you’re local, Cassie Pepper does a fabulous job–and Cassie kept telling BG to look at her mom, and then BG would start cracking up. Apparently, I was always doing something silly without knowing it–I mean totally on purpose. The fact is, we do have a good time.

When stress does creep in, all I have to do is take a look at the view, the sunrise, the sunset, or even the moon rise. We have a lot to be thankful for in those Sweet Moments.



We had plenty of sweet times celebrating Baby Girl’s birthday and Sweet Miss’ spring break. I was feeling guilty that we didn’t have a cake to celebrate, so last week after work, BG came home at 9 o’clock to find her papa and aunt and uncle here to sing to her. You can read all about our Great Week full of shopping, shows, and sisters.

The girls


Now let’s turn our thoughts to outside. When I was little we made crafts for March featuring lions and lambs; well this year, it’s all been lamb. OK, so we’ve had some rain, but the sunny spring days have been amazing. That means we’ve been enjoying Early Spring Blooms.

Bouquet Collage


And we’ve been watching The Garden Awaken as the slugs, bunnies, and birds eat my peas. The asparagus is thriving.

more buds


Perhaps It’s Time To Move On and toss out those old seeds from 2007. I retried with some onion seeds from 2012 with no luck as well. Maybe seed starting isn’t my gift.

Remember the stones and dirt Piling Up? Well, they’re still just waiting in the yard. Tomorrow will be the day, so if you’re lucky we’ll have progress next week.

So what did we do this month? The MR hung a picture in The Best Laid Plans, and I reorganized under the kitchen sink Behind Closed Doors.

Sounds like a successful month. Now you’ll have to excuse me while I watch the sunrise with my dogs.

How was your March? Any sweet moments you’d like to share?



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