My Future’s So Bright

Remember that old song where Corey Hart wails “I wear my sunglasses at night…”? Well, I’m not saying it’s that bad, but people have been known to put on their sunglasses or don a hat to cut the glare while relaxing in our living room.

Sun in your eyes


The Pacific Northwest can be gloomy, so I don’t mind a bit of sun, but enough’s enough. We’ve thought about, studied it, had people come out and give bids, had more people come out and give bids, and thought about it some more. There are times I think we think too much.

Anyways, we’ve finally come to a decision. Blinds really aren’t an option for the top tier of windows with all their angles. So we’ve settled on window films. I called up the company who helped outfit the stadiums of the Seahawks and the Mariners; I figured if they could tackle those kind of large-scale projects, ours would be a piece of cake.

Maggie from Brower Tinting and Graphics came out with her samples and her measuring tape. Later, she sent larger films and a quote. So our view has looked like this for the last week.



We’ve decided on a lighter film on the bottom and slightly darker on the top windows in 3M’s Prestige Series. But one decision leads to another. We can’t have the tinting done until we get all those windows with blown seals replaced. And when was the last time the windows were cleaned? Uhh, it’s been at least three years.

So the professional window cleaners are coming out the end of next week. I’m expecting a quote from the glass guy anytime now, and then finally we can get back to Maggie and schedule some work.

Let’s hope it’s all done before those bright sunny summer days arrive. Then I’ll just wear my sunglasses on the deck when I’m watching the sunset, the planes fly by, and maybe a parachuter or two float over.

How do you deal with the sun in your eyes?





3 thoughts on “My Future’s So Bright

  1. So happy you went with film on top and bottom instead of blinds on the bottom.Truly a huge decision I know. So, does the film go on the inside or the outside? What about those big wet noses, are they able to be just wiped off? I would imagine the puppies do not lunge onto the windows when ‘wild things’ are in their valley however, who knows what happens when they are alone and have put themselves on ‘watch’?, What with the new wall, and the window tinting………….college decisions, graduation, in-laws coming………..and staying….wow, lots of fun times to be remembered.

    • The films are on the inside. I’m sure they can be easily cleaned. The dogs are more likely to tap on the outside of the windows when I don’t let them in quick enough.

      We have a new system to lick the dogs in the laundry room. An old grouchy dog slept through our homecoming once too often only for us to find him sleeping on the new couch.

      Definitely lots of changes since your last visit. You’ll be amazed.

      Sent from iPhone


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