Sometimes your kids call you on your junk.

A couple weeks ago, I was walking through the mall with my sweet girlies when I started talking about mattress pads. We had to stop at Macy’s and buy a new, the MR rolled over at night and ripped ours out over and over again. Sweet Miss said that was a tremendous trifle, and she was surprised that after more than 20 years I still get excited about these little things.

I guess she’s been learning something in all those family psychology classes. She’s right in that it’s a silly incidental, but when you live closely with people, these things add up.


Things like Baby Girl messing up the pillows and leaving blankets on the couch at night.

Messy CouchOr running off to school and leaving tea wrappers and the toast fixings on the counter. Can’t you see those crumbs?

Tea wrapper and toast fixings

I can be crabby and kibbitz about it as I stomp around my house. Believe me, the dogs have heard an earful or two.

But I have a choice. I can clean it up, and be happy she ate breakfast before she rushed out the door. Many nights she’s off to work or out with friends; those messy pillows are a sign that she still cares enough to spend the evening with mom and dad. 

 Simply changing my attitude wasn’t working on the bed issue, and we never did make it to Macy’s, but I had a plan. This arrived in the mail the other day.

Mattress Pad

It’s a mattress pad that’s 20 inches deep. Since our mattress is only 12 inches , I think I have this problem solved. The mattress pad will no longer rip out, I will no longer be crabby at the MR when I make the bed, I can simply be happy and think about how lucky I am to have him here with me. 

So much of life is about choice.

If an attitude doesn’t work, then change the scenario. The neighbor boy at our first house kept riding his bike over the heather bush in the corner of our yard. We asked him to stop, but he was a kid, and it was a shortcut. When we landscaped that area, we moved the giant, thorny rose bush from beside the back door to that corner. He stopped riding his bike over our yard.

Sometimes you have to work a little to help everyone find success. 

How do you handle those little quibbles? Any success stories to share?      


4 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I do like your choice to to view the anger making scenarios in a new way, as your harping/anger after all these years has obviously fallen on deaf, and non-caring, ears; and going through life with anger is hard on the mind as well as the body. “Choosing our battles” can be tricky as is raising children. One of our kids (who shall remain nameless) had the very messiest room one could ever imagine. Shutting the door was my way of choosing……………and then when that kid married and started purchasing their own items to own, ta-da!!!! spotless living conditions! The other one was just the opposite, minimal clothing, and never brought their toys and games into the bedroom, so ‘picking up’ was never an issue. Both grew up to be stellar adults raising children who are already making the world a better place! And now my home is pristine, and very quiet, and the only memories I have are positive, and happy, with never a thought of crumbs and messy pillows…..I do miss the kids too.

    • I’m less of a harper, more of a stewer–neither of which is healthy. My goal was to encourage people to seek harmony whether it’s simply closing a door (I don’t look in some bedrooms either) or buying a second tube of toothpaste.

      I read a book a long time ago that suggested being right is a monkey fist. It’s a powerless situation. You’re right and you have to force the rest of the world to your side–impossible. If you look at a situation and determine how you yourself can make it better, you suddenly have all the power.

      Heres to harmony, power, peaceful homes, and loving families. That’s enough pontificating for today. ☺️

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