This Is War

You remember how I showed you a lovely picture of newly sprouted peas? Then I talked about slugs and slug bait, and I replanted. I added forks, but my newly sprouted peas were neatly plucked from the ground even with strategically placed forks.

Well, I’ve decided to get tough. I put together to tomato cages, lined them with chicken wire and have totally surrounded another planting of peas. With nearly 20 years of gardening experience, getting a pea crop has never been this difficult.

Cage over peas     I also added marigolds to entice the slugs away from my precious plants and onions along the perimeter to keep out varmints. These both worked well last year, plus I wound up with a ready supply of onions for months. Sets in the Ground The MR has been staging his own war. The plastic fencing around the orchard was failing, so he replaced it with metal. Last fall we noticed the birds were taking more than their fair share of the blueberries and plums, and they’d made off with all of the grapes.  So the MR set up a system of poles, wires, and netting that totally encloses the lower bushes. 

New Fence


It’s fully enclosed, easy to access, and whether you’re 5-foot something or well over 6 foot you can move around without stooping.Fence from above     The orchard is really taking off. The Apples are getting ready to bloom.Apple Blossom

And one pear tree is decked out in blossoms. The other is still thinking about it.  Does anyone know if Comice and Rescue pears cross-pollinate? We were assured they would. They’re all still quite young trees. I need to learn a little patience.

Pear Blossom   

Is your garden starting to take shape? Have you planted fruit trees for both beauty and function?


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