Keeping That Aloha Spirit

There’s something about a week in paradise that puts you in a good mood. We arrived home last week from our annual trip to Hawaii, and I’m doing my best to keep that feeling of aloha going. 

We enjoyed hiking, snorkeling, beautiful scenery, and relaxing with friends. 


Th MR wants to try growing these beautiful trees with their vibrant orange flowers at home. First we have to determine what they are.   

 Do you recognize these flowers?


I’m kind of partial to these amazing trees. I love their sinewy branches. 


I don’t think they’d work in our much less tropical climate. 

Well, now that we’re home, what’s next. With our bright sunshine, our thoughts once more have turned to windows. Thursday, I removed all the screens, and Friday the window cleaners came with all their tools and an extremely large extension pole.

It’s amazing just how bright and sparkly our windows look after a good cleaning–definitely a worthwhile annual expense. 


As Baby Girl heads back to school, the MR checks out new French doors, and I spend the next few days in a flurry of volunteer efforts, we are doing our best to keep that relaxed vacation feel.


When life gets busy, how do you keep that relaxed feel?


5 thoughts on “Keeping That Aloha Spirit

  1. How do I “keep that relaxed feeling”? I just concentrate on one thing at a time, and contemplate that I might be trying to do more than I really want to do. Life will go on whether I do it or not,, and then just concentrate on the things that I really enjoy doing. Also keeping in mind that I like to be available for my families spontaneity that usually involves my time..I have always taken my evenings off after dinner I do no work and just relax, with reading, doing hand work, playing with the family, etc. and reflecting on how fortunate I am to be able to do that.

  2. Love the pics – I cannot even tell you how many friends have gone this year or are heading that way – and even there right now. Not to mention the couple that packed up and moved there a little over a year ago. So beautiful.

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