An Herbal Fete

You know how sometimes you’re chatting away with your daughter’s teacher, and next thing you know you’re planning a party? And the first committee meeting you skip to drive to Idaho, and the second committee meeting you can’t make because you’re flying to Hawaii?

And in the middle, you meet with the teacher, and she tasks you with finding appetizer recipes to showcase the herbs and vegetables her students have raised. So while you’re hanging out at the pool you, hop on Pinterest and find amazing pictures showcasing tasty recipes.

Then after vacation, you come home to find it is all wonderfully taken care of by the other capable ladies of the committee who may not realize you even exist since you’ve skipped all the meetings.

Funny how things work out. So instead of throwing this party for the local FFA and garden community, I thought I’d share it with you.

Let’s start with herb-infused water; I’m thinking spearmint, lemon, and blueberry would be both visually-appealing and refreshing. I have striped blue straws for that added touch of cuteness. Check out Hello Natural’s Infused Water for more ideas.

How to Make Infused Water 10 Tasty Flavor Combinations

Then as you wander among all the lovely plants, you’d come upon a display of basil and cherry tomatoes featuring Caprese Bites. We have a thing for cheese in our family, so this appetizer is a standby when the basil is getting too leggy.

Iowa Girl Eats makes these extra special with a basalmic drizzle. Any way you make them Caprese Skewers are a simple and tasty treat.

Did you know deer won’t eat sage? My sage plants are getting ginormous. So of course, these Bacon-wrapped Apricots with Sage from RealSimple have me intrigued. OK, so maybe it was the bacon that drew me in; but with fruit and herbs, they have to be healthy, right?

Bacon-Wrapped Apricots With Sage

I’m not a big fan of dill or cucumbers, but I’m a sucker for pretty.

These Cucumber Bites from Bitz N Giggles take simple ingredients and present them beautifully.

I love biscuits, but these are almost too pretty to eat.

Home is Where the Boat Is saved time by using frozen biscuits. You could even use refrigerated biscuits in a tube and spend all your time making them look beautiful. For all the tips and tricks, check out Herb Laminated Biscuits.

If you have a variety of herbs to hand, you can always make The Closet Chef’s Feta My Way.


Or maybe you’d like to make Martha Stewart’s Roasted Carrots with Chimichurri. For our imaginary party, I’d roast baby carrots, put a dollop of sauce in the bottom of a plastic shot glass, and stand a couple carrots up in each one. If the roasted carrots were too squishy for finger-food, I’d save time and serve them raw.

Perfect Bite: Roasted Carrots with Chimichurri

I love the vibrant colors of this dish, but I’d make it just for the fun of saying “chimichurri” over and over again. It’s one of those words that grows on you.

If I was trying to be healthy, I’d serve up the Dinner Mom’s Zucchini Bruschetta.

But if I was thinking hey, it’s a party live a little, I’d just make 5 Heart Home’s Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds, and then I could invite you to go for walk with the dogs. Those extra calories mean nothing.

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds ~ you're just 2 ingredients away from a quick and easy, delicious summer side dish! | FiveHeartHome.comParmesan Zucchini Rounds ~ you're just 2 ingredients away from a quick and easy, delicious summer side dish! |

I’m not a big zucchini fan, but these look yummy.

It’s not a party without something sweet, so perhaps we can end with Sweetapolita’s Layered-Chocolate, Lavender and Vanilla-Bean Panna Cotta.Layered Panna Cotta from Sweetapolita | Camille Styles

I do believe it was a successful event. Let’s toast it with Martha’s Lavender Champagne.

Lavender Champagne - Add lavender simple syrup to champagne

Or perhaps you’d prefer a Mocktail made with Garden Herbs; Lovely Greens has put together a fabulous collection. This Basil and Grapefruit Spritzer looks good enough to eat/I mean drink.

15 Mocktail Recipes made with Garden Herbs | Straight from the garden, this collection of delicious and refreshing drinks are alcohol-free alternatives to their boozier cousins #mocktail

OK, so now who’s in the mood to throw a party?

Better yet, if you’re local the FFA First In Bloom Greenhouse Party is tomorrow Thursday, April 23, from 6-8 pm. Tickets are $15 per person, or $25 per couple. Stop on by and tell them Baby Girl from the Big White House on the Hill sent you.

If you decide to make any of these recipes, I’m always available to taste test them for you.

What are you cooking up these days?







3 thoughts on “An Herbal Fete

  1. OMG, everything looked beautiful and very, very tasty. I suggest you serve all of the above at BG’s graduation party. I would be there to help, and oh you know what, my birthday is that same week!!!!! See you soon. PS The group I belong to had their first annual Shrimp Boil last night. There were 50 of us (it was a fund raiser for scholarships to give to women working toward furthering their education) we ate outside as the evening weather was perfect. Tonight Papa and I are hosting a party on our patio, (Papa has the big fountain all clean and working, and the cacti are in full bloom) and will be serving BarBQ pork ribs, Santa Maria Beans, corn on the cob, and fresh pineapple on bib lettuce with home made poppy seed dressing. Desert will be chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries. Come on over, always room for more!!

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