I Can See Clearly Now

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned. Remember last week, when I showed you all those lovely plants just waiting to turn my garden lush and verdant overnight?

It rained and poured off and on all Saturday. And Sunday, I had to take Baby Girl shopping to buy sparkly, princess shoes, so she could dance like Cinderella at the ball–I mean prom. (Those are my words; not hers.)

Sparkly Shoes

BG found bejeweled silver flip-flops, and we walked around the store with them until we headed over to the clearance section, and she saw these beauties. She tried them on and couldn’t stop smiling. That’s when you know it’s right.


She’s going to look oh-so pretty. And then I received an email that my photobook vouchers are about to expire, so I have to put together two years worth of memories in only a few short days.

Let’s just say I’ve been distracted.

So what do you do on a rainy Saturday? Well, the MR might powerwash the deck in between squalls and plant lavender on the slope, but he also came inside for the worst of it to work on screens.

You know how one project leads into another? Well months ago now, we decided to have window films installed throughout the great room. First, we needed the windows with blown seals replaced. And then, we needed the windows cleaned, because who knew how long it’d been since that was done.

Oh, and after we received our first quote for window replacement, we decided it’d be a good idea to get a second quote. And the second company said our windows and three-story set-up on a steep slope were beyond them, so we decided to go with the first company.

And in the midst, when we had the windows cleaned, we realized the screens were kind of rusty and others were in bad shape.

Cocoa BG & Screen

I thought maybe simply powerwashing them would take care of the problem; you know how the MR loves his power tools. Well, this is the result of that.

Powerwashed Screen


So the MR ordered screen, spline, a spliner tool, and set to work. He’s had success in the past at our last house replacing the screen door BG (when she was actually a baby) persisted in crawling through.



This appears to be a two-man job. An extra set of hands keeps the screen fabric taut while it’s being put into place. We also decided cutting to size before installing just causes headaches; a rough cut and trim are the way to go. Here’s the finished product.

Screen In Place


Sitting on the couch the other night, we looked at the old screens compared to the new. It was amazing how fuzzy the old ones made the view appear. So even the ones that haven’t been destroyed by the powerwasher and years of sun will be getting a makeover eventually.

With nine screens to replace in the great room and plenty more on the rest of the main floor, we’re not in any hurry to get these done. I’m glad the MR is so handy; we saved a pretty penny with this simple DIY project.

After our little prom shopping spree, I did manage to pot up a few herbs to clear a space on my counter. I’d been babying some basil along for over a year, and it was looking pretty sad.

Ugly Basil

Who wants to eat basil when it looks like that? For just a few dollars, I replaced it with a fresh, health ponypack from the plant sale.

Fresh Basil


I picked up some white pots at the craft store a couple months ago; the green pots from my herb garden were a mess of rust and flaking paint. I do believe they were less about function and more for show–not my favorite thing.

Herb Garden


So now we have rosemary, pineapple sage (it smells divine), basil, thyme, and oregano growing in the kitchen window. I ran out of white containers, so I grabbed a white pot from Ikea that graced the front porch last summer and filled it with herbs.

Outdoor Herbs


Out on the deck, it’ll still be easy to access for cooking, and should stay protected situated up against the house. When me and MR are watching the sunset, I can grab a pinch of mint or lemon thyme and just enjoy the scent. Herbs always make me happy.

What DIY projects have you been taking on? Does the scent of herbs just make you smile? Don’t you love a pretty pair of shoes?


2 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. What a GREAT blog this one was. It was so well written and cohesive, I felt like you were actually talking to me. Papa and I always love your ideas in ‘homemaking’. We too have a fun thing going on. We have a 4’x12′ dining room/craft room table in virtually the center of the house, wide open to the living room and kitchen. Well, since it is our ‘everything’ table, it gets a lot of use, and the ‘stuff’ that went around the perimeter was looking pretty shabby so…………………we found some deep purple (think lavender paint on the wall dividing the kitchen from the dining room) vinyl for only $6.99 a yard and Papa is going to cover and staple the vinyl over the entire table……it will be so pretty! Since he just today had a chemical peel on the bald parts of his head, to get rid of the pre-cancer sun spots, which will become rather ‘unsightly’ in the next several weeks, he will have time to ‘get the job done’ as he will be not be looking so handsome as he usually does. We did buy him a hat at REI today that is psf 50 that will keep those pesky ultra violet rays at bay. We did put that “10% off your next purchase” gift on YOUR account!! MeeMee

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